Cooking with Smeg

The triple formula for a healthier life

Vitality System, Smeg recipe for high quality, healthy food.

Vitality System

The Vitality System is composed of 3 revolutionary products: a BLAST CHILLER to preserve the freshness and quality of food, a VACUUM DRAWER to preserve a foods quality over time & a COMBI-STEAM OVEN to make delicious healthy dishes, maximizing flavours.

Bring Out the Flavour

What lies at the heart of a healthy lifestyle? We all know the answer: food.  But simply paying attention to the quality of the products we buy is not enough. The methods of preservation and cooking we use are equally important, as mistakes and distractions can compromise not only the flavour of our dishes, but also the nutritional benefits that these bring. 

A new way to preserve and cook meals is available thanks to the domestic blast chiller in conjunction with the Vacuum drawers helps to preserve food and produce healthier, higher quality food with more creative possibilities for professional quality meals

Smeg Vitality System

Blast chiller

Dolce Stil Novo

Combination Steam Oven

Dolce Stil Novo

Vacuum Drawer

Dolce Stil Novo

Smeg Vitality System (blast chiller, combi stream oven and vacuum drawer) System is available in Linea, Classica and Dolce Stil Novo aesthetic line.

All the Benefits

Combining modern design sensibilities with convenient and flexible functionality, the blast chiller offers a range of unique functions. Facilitating simple and straightforward preparation of dessert type foods such as sorbets with the innovative ‘Rapid Freezing’ program, the blast chiller is an ideal tool for entertainers seeking to impress their guests with delicious culinary feats.

Seasonal Products all Year Long

Blast chillers are primarily used to preserve the quality of food. Through the process of rapid cooling, bacteria growth is stopped and the shelf life of food increases by up to 70%.

Rapid freezing keeps the properties of fresh food unaltered, so you can eat fresh and tasty fruit and vegetables the whole year round.

Blast chilling quickly lowers the temperature of cooked food down to +3°C in under 90 minutes. This is the ideal temperature for storage in a fridge. By cooling food rapidly, it’s quality and freshness is preserved. Smeg blast chillers are extremely versatile with a range of warming functions also available.

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Unaltered quality and healthy food

Cooling at room temperature (between 65 and 10°C) creates optimal conditions for bacterial growth. The Smeg blast chiller not only prevents this growth but also preserves the freshness, vivid colour, aroma and the consistency of fresh or freshly cooked food. 


Organised cooking

The Smeg blast chiller is the ideal product for those who love cooking but who have limited time to cook every day. Large quantities of food can be prepared and preserved in portions to be eaten at a later date, tasting as fresh as if it had just been made. 


Less wastage

The blast chiller allows you to preserve fresh and seasonal foods for longer, reducing food wastage and saving space in the fridge. 

LONG STORAGE LIFE with the Vacuum drawer

A vacuum drawer can be used to preserve fresh foods for storage in the freezer, fridge or pantry. Ingredients are sealed into an airtight plastic bag or container where the oxygen and air are extracted, protecting food from dust and bacteria and creating the perfect conditions for a longer storage life. Liquids can even be vacuum sealed!
In this sealed environment, nutrients and aromas are preserved perfectly and food tastes as good as if it was made from fresh ingredients.
Vacuum sealed food lasts on average four times longer at room temperature or in the fridge. If frozen, bacteria are eliminated, and food can be kept for months and retain all flavours and consistency, as if it has just been prepared.

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Smeg offers a range of accessories for the vacuum drawer to be used according to the amount and the consistency of the food to be cooked like LIFEBAG (vacuum seal bags), VCOOKBAG and LIFEBOX.

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A recipe for each function.

Smeg Vitality System  cookbook contains a recipe for each functions.
Start using the Vitality System home appliacenes trying these recipes and you will  learn how to preserve the freshness and the quality of food doing delicious dishes with  amazing flavors. 

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