When it comes to dinner with friends, receiving a bottle of good wine is among the most appreciated gestures by the host, whether he is an enthusiast, a true wine connoisseur or an occasional consumer.

Wine, in fact, is synonymous with conviviality and has always belonged to the Italian tradition of both food and wine and hospitality.

Properly storing wine at home, however, is not child's play if one does not take into account the basic precautions for perfect storage over a long period of time.


For best conservation, bottles should be kept away from sources of light and heat.


The humidity level considered optimal for long-term wine storage ranges from 60 to 80%.


The absence of vibrations favours the proper storage of wine. It is therefore necessary to store bottles on a stable support.


To appreciate wine at its best, it is essential to store and serve it at the correct temperature.

What temperature is the right one to serve wine?

Choosing the correct serving temperature for wine is essential to fully appreciate it during a meal, an aperitif or an after-dinner drink. But how to choose? There are some good rules for serving wine, which must also take into account personal taste and the variables linked to the environment.

  • Semi-sparkling and sparkling wines: between 7 and 10°C
  • White wines: between 9 and 12°C
  • Rosé wines: between 10 and 12°C
  • Young red wines: between 14 and 17°C
  • Structured red wines: between 17 and 20°C

Having the right tools is essential for storing and serving wine at its best. Choosing the right glass, for example, allows all the aromas and perfumes to be released for a perfect match with food.

Storing bottles in a home cellar, moreover, is the solution for keeping them at the right temperature.

Smeg wine coolers

Smeg wine coolers, completely made in Italy, are the perfect solution for storing wine in the best conditions. Light, humidity, vibrations and temperatures are always under control, so every bottle will be served in the best conditions.

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In addition to being an indispensable ally for storing the finest wines, Smeg wine cellars are true kitchen furnishing objects, perfectly matched to built-in appliances.

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