The Ultimate Coffee Experience at Home: Smeg Grinder

4 Reasons to Add Smeg’s Coffee Grinder to Your Coffee Making Nook

Enjoy delicious, freshly ground coffee like never before with Smeg’s all-new retro coffee grinder.

Once you’ve had a great cup of coffee, it’s hard to go back, isn’t it? One of the secrets to a lip-smackingly good cup is freshly ground beans. And thanks to Smeg's new Coffee Grinder, you can enjoy the freshest and most intensely aromatic brew without ever needing to hit the coffee shop.

But if you’re curious whether it’s worth adding this handy machine to your coffee making nook, keep reading this simple guide. We’ll reveal everything that makes our grinder a must-have for dedicated coffee lovers!

Professional Grinding Performance

Smeg’s coffee grinder has been expertly crafted for those looking for professional grinding performance. It features stainless steel conical burrs designed to preserve all the delicious coffee aromas and protect the essential oils for maximum flavour. Plus, the machine boasts 30 precise-grind settings from the finest for an espresso to coarse for filter coffee, and everything in between. So you’ll always have the perfect grind for every taste and coffee machine, making brewing up a total breeze.

Fully Automatic

With Smeg, the entire coffee grinding process is fully automatic. All you need to do is select the type of grind and quantity of ground coffee desired, whether that’s enough for a single espresso shot or multiple cups of drip coffee. The coffee grinder will take care of the rest, stopping after a few minutes once the process is completed.

For additional flexibility, it also features nifty pre-set options, including 2 functions for fine grinding, 6 functions for medium to coarse grinding and a manual function. The large 350g Tritan™ BPA-free bean hopper can make up to 50 espresso shots and has a handy ‘twist & lock’ safety system for easy removal and cleaning. Consider it the perfect tool for true coffee lovers and connoisseurs alike searching for a simple, no-fuss coffee grinding experience.

Famous Retro Design

Taking cues from Smeg’s world famous retro styling, this coffee grinder machine is a sure conversation starter. Every inch of the machine, from the stop-start button to the polished chrome features and the coffee bean container, has been carefully considered, delivering unrivalled aesthetic appeal. Available in an eye-catching rainbow of glossy colours synonymous with the brand, you can certainly find one to match your interior decor.

But it’s the less obvious design elements that make the biggest impact on your coffee grinding experience. Our grinder features anti-slip feet for added safety while in use and an integrated cord for maximum convenience. Simply plug in and grind away without the hassle.

Matching Essentials

For those looking to add to their coffee repertoire, Smeg’s range of small appliances also includes a traditional Espresso Coffee Machine, Filter Coffee Machine, and recently launched Milk Frother. There’s no denying a fabulous lineup of matching kitchen essentials brings effortless retro style to your space!

Want to relish a coffeehouse standard cup of joe at home every single time? No matter how you choose to make your coffee, whether it’s American filter-style, French press, or otherwise, grinding your beans just before you brew will make an infinitely better cup.

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