Add a Touch of Matte Elegance to Your Kitchen

Just when you thought our iconic range of retro kettles and toasters couldn’t get any better, they’re now available in 4 captivating matte shades. Featuring a velvety smooth, soft touch matte enamelled finish in an exquisite range of shades including emerald green, champagne, black and white, they’re set to turn heads and make a statement in any stylish kitchen space.

From morning rituals to snacking, afternoon tea and everything in between – you’ll find every available excuse to use them!


A chic, subtle shade inspired by the serenity of nature. Its understated elegance pairs seamlessly with earthy tones and enhances the beauty of natural elements and textures. From rich espresso-stained finishes to honey-hued wooded countertops, this versatile shade will effortlessly transform your space into a tranquil oasis. Shop the Emerald Green Kettle or Toaster.


A contemporary twist on beige with an added sparkle of champagne, this matte shade from Smeg exudes elegance. Mix and match with bold textures and dark finishes for the ultimate standout look or softer tones and natural textures for a cosier, more nuanced kitchen aesthetic.


Matte black is the latest darling in the design world, and it’s easy to see why. It’s effortlessly sophisticated, ultra-chic and incredibly versatile, sitting perfectly alongside timber, metallics and natural stone and integrating beautifully into both traditional and contemporary kitchens.


An exquisite and almost pearlescent matte white shade that’s timeless, completely neutral and lends a natural or sleek, modern feel to any space. Pair it with soft, neutral earthy tones and textures for beautiful minimalistic look that’s sure to turn heads.


When it comes to high-tech features, these kettles and toasters are every bit as exquisite as they are a pleasure to use.

Smeg kettles feature a generous 1.7 litre capacity (around seven cups) giving you enough boiling water for a whole tea party, or just enough to make a big batch of pour over and, with rapid boil technology you can boil 1 Litre of water in 2 minutes flat! The no-slip feet and built-in cord wrap will keep things nice and neat. Plus, there’s a snazzy soft-opening lid, 360-degree swivel base, anti-drip spout, and easy to clean, removable stainless steel limescale filter. Smeg kettles also feature an intuitive safety system that automatically interrupts the operation in the absence of water, ensuring it won’t boil dry and burn out.

Smeg toasters not only look the part but are sturdy, robust and one of the most versatile toasters available. With 6 browning levels, half level options and an electronic temperature sensor, these toasters deliver precision toasting, at its best. Enjoy 3 added features including reheat, defrost and bagel mode. The bagel setting makes for the perfect golden-brown bagels by toasting only one side while keeping the back of the bagels warm, soft and un-toasted while the super handy defrost function takes just a few seconds longer to toast than fresh bread. Artisan-style bread fans will love the extra wide and roomy slots for hand cut slices. They even have an easy-clean, removable stainless steel crumb tray to catch all those bits from your English muffins. Better still? Smeg toaster accessories! From the ultimate toasted cheese sarmies with our sandwich rack accessory to warming bread rolls, flat breads, croissants, and other small pastries or to simply keep toast warm with our bun warmer – there’s so many ways to use them!



Kettles, 1.7lt / 7 cups, Emerald Green, Finishing: Matt, 50's Style


Toaster, No. of slices: 2, Emerald Green, Finishing: Matt, 50's Style


Kettles, 1.7lt / 7 cups, Champagne, Finishing: Matt, 50's Style


Toaster, No. of slices: 2, Champagne, Finishing: Matt, 50's Style


Kettles, 1.7lt / 7 cups, Black, Finishing: Matt, 50's Style


Toaster, No. of slices: 2, Black, Finishing: Matt, 50's Style


Kettles, 1.7lt / 7 cups, White, Finishing: Matt, 50's Style


Toaster, No. of slices: 2, White, Finishing: Matt, 50's Style