With an elegant and contemporary styling, the reimagined SMEG’s Professional Range Seies powers the newest cooking trends with a minimalist, adaptable style that fits perfectly into any kitchen space.

SPR - SMEG Professional Range


Available in 24-inch, 30-inch, or 36-inch options, and in all-gas, dual-fuel, or all-electric induction top options, the stainless steel Professional Range is classic in-style, and is filled with elegant little touches, like knurled detailing on the handles and knobs.  The black enameled surfaces of the all-gas and dual-fuel versions of the series are equipped with four-to-six burners depending on size, with each one featuring a powerful 18,000 BTU brass burner, complete with an engraved SMEG logo, while cast-iron grates feature an integrated resistance feature, allowing users to seamlessly slide cookware around, avoiding spills and scratches.  Meanwhile, always-efficient induction tops feature all the speed, safety, and easy-clean that induction technology ensures.


Grand capacity inside the oven, up to 4.6 cubic feet, increases versatility with up to six cooking levels, with even baking on all levels. A soft-close system guarantees a gentle closing of the door. Additionally, every oven can be quickly and easily steam cleaned, allowing for quick removal of stains without the power expenditure, or leftover odors of self-cleaning.