Unmistakable Design

The unmistakable design of '50s Style appliances and high technology come together in the newest addition to the SMEG line: the HMF01 Hand Mixer. Designed by Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti (Deepdesign), this product combines style with versatility, making it ideal for those who love to free their imagination while they're in the kitchen.

Backlit LED Display

The control panel is embellished with a backlit LED display with indicators for speed and time: a perfectly user-friendly interface that disappears when the product is turned off, letting the chrome of the handle better stand out in all its elegance.

Two function keys allow you to select up to nine speed levels for mixing, whipping, and activating the Turbo Function.

Accessories Included

Two wire whisks, for more-airy textures such as whipped cream, sauces, or egg whites; two flat whisks, ideal for semi-hard doughs such as biscuits and cake bases; and two dough hooks, for leavened products such as pizza or bread, are included with every SMEG Hand Mixer. At the end of mixing, or while waitng for a mixture to settle, non-slip feet let you easily rest the mixer, ensuring ease-of-use. In addition, the SMEG personalized fabric case allows you to store the included accessories without neglecting the beautiful aesthetics.


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Pastel green
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Pastel blue
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Creativity in the Kitchen

Not just a versatile and handy small appliance, the HMF01 electric Hand Mixer is the perfect ally for lovers of '50s style design everywhere. 

The electric mixer is a home domestic appliance with unexpected surprises: practical, fast, and easy-to-handle, a combination of quality and efficiency.

Ideal for creating both simple and elaborate recipes, excellent for creams like whipping cream, perfect for mixing cake batters, and perfect for doughs of any thickness.

With sweets, biscuits, breads, and pizzas, the potential of the SMEG electric Hand Mixer will surprise you.