Milk Frothers

SMEG's milk frother is the perfect accompaniment to complete your coffee experience. Its stainless steel shell and induction-heated base will bring your coffee life to the next level.


Et Voilà: Your Coffee Set is Complete

SMEG's milk frother can heat and froth milk to perfection: it's ideal for making cappuccino, latte macchiato, and flat whites, as well as for preparing instant drinks such as hot chocolate.

Alternatively, why not try your hand at latte art? The ergonomic handle guarantees great control, so you can create anything from ‘rosettas’ to ‘love hearts,’ and really impress your friends with dedicated creations.

Flexibility of Use

Endowed with a total of 6 pre-set programs and a manual function, SMEG's milk frother can handle hot and cold drinks, with or without foam, thanks to the 2 whisks included: smooth and notched.

An icon for each program is clearly visible on the backlit control knob, alongside the start/stop button.