Dolce&Gabbana teamed up with SMEG for a truly-unique and special collaboration: the design of a series of one-of-a-kind special edition FAB28 refrigerators, transforming these already-iconic products into literal works of art!  Belonging to two different industries, but united by their strong Italian values and tradition of “Made in Italy”-excellence, and background of family-ownership and creativity, the two companies have combined their unique specialties and sensibilities.


The result is the Frigorifero d’Arte, the Refrigerator of Art, a limited edition series of FAB28 refrigerators each with unique Dolce&Gabbana styling.  No two are alike, but each feature images hand-painted by Sicilian artists, with each refrigerator a unique piece by a specific artist.  Lemons, the trinacria, cart wheels, medieval knights, battle scenes, Sicilian landscapes, all elements of Sicilian puppet theater and famed carretto Siciliano, the Sicilian cart, as well as being important elements of the personal design aesthetic of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana themselves.  Embellished with floral motifs, all of these exclusive refrigerators are the product of a meticulous eye for detail, and combine SMEG’s manufacturing quality and engineering know-how with Dolce&Gabbana’s creativity and masterful artisan worksmanship.


Sicilian painters, highly-skilled in complex decorative arts, and possessed of a particular appreciation for the treasures of the past, have turned these refrigerators into unique interpretations of Sicilian folklore.  The result is a combination of their passion, their profound creativity, and their appreciation of their Sicilian heritage.

The Bevilacqua Brothers

All their work is extremely recognisable and bears their personal touch. All the creations by the Bevilacqua brothers are dominated by bright yellow, intense blue, emerald green and deep black, representing the Sicilian sun, sea, hills and the lava on Mount Etna.

Adriana Zambonelli and Tiziana Nicosia

Adriana and Tiziana, mother and daughter, both Sicilian and both from, Catania, they work together in a volcanic symbiosis, forming an explosive couple. Their secret is their love for Sicily, for culture, tradition and, naturally, for the art of the Pupi. The age-old culture of the carts, an important part of Sicilian “architecture”, is a source of endless inspiration for them.

Alessandro Forte

Alessandro Forte paints portraits, sacred scenes and still lifes, the majority of which are painted from life using real models. He has participated in numerous exhitibions in Italy and abroad, and his creations can be found churches and public offices throughout the Catania region.

Alice Valenti

Born in Catania in 1975, Alice still lives and works in the city. For Alice the discovery of carts came from her interest in “objets d’art” and the “roots of her family”. As the only woman amongst the very few painters of carts to inherit this age-old and complex decorative art.

Biagio Castilletti and Damiano Rotella

Biagio Castilletti had a great admiration for carts ever since he was a child, and never missed an opportunity to draw them on every piece of paper within his reach. Biagio met Damiano Rotella in 2003. Since then the professional lives of the two artists became entwined. Biagio started to visit Damiano’s workshop, giving him advice and support. This led to a friendship based on trust, mutual collaboration and a passion for craftsmanship

Flavia Pittalà

Flavia Pittalà was born in Paternò. In 2015 completed her degree at the Accademia delle Belle Arti, specialising in painting. It is to this art that she decided to dedicate herself with passion, creating religious-themed paintings and participating in numerous exhibitions in the area.

Gaetano Daniele Di Guardo

Gaetano Daniele Di Guardo, in addition to painting mainly on canvas in a dreamlike, surreal style, he teaches courses in local schools and introduces young people to the recurring techniques of Renaissance art. In recent years he rediscovered the values of the Sicilian painting tradition and became impassioned about cart decoration.

Michele Ducato

Since he was a boy, Michele Ducato has pursued an interest in cart painting, an art that has been handed down in his family for three generations, starting with his grandfather who opened an atelier. Working with his father, he is passionately devoted to the decoration and scrupulous restoration of Sicilian carts. Their aim was sharing this art with an ever larger audience and making it accessible to young people.

Roberto Caputo

Roberto Caputo, over the years he has developed and expressed his creativity by experimenting with a variety of techniques and styles. His canvases recount his homeland, Sicily, with the narrow streets, monuments and warm colours of the Mediterranean inland. 

Salvatore Sapienza

Salvatore Sapienza's passion for the decorative arts started when he was only 13 years old. His story as a decorator of Sicilian carts began by chance, when he painted an old wheel. His father showed it to two veteran decorators. Salvatore began working with the decorators in their workshop. He quickly fell in love with cart art and soon it blossomed into his great passion. 

The Collection

Expertise from the worlds of high fashion and design meet and merge to create unique refrigerators with captivating decoration that uncovers an Italian story.