SMEG dishwashers - North America


From fully-sealed stainless steel tubs on the inside, to FlexiFit sliding hinges on some models on the outside to keep the door panel from ever touching your cabinet woodwork on the outside.  SMEG dishwashers remain the industry leader in washing technology today, and into the future


SMEG’s full-size dishwashers are available with a diversity of wash options, internal rack configurations, and plate setting arrangements, with large, American-style tubs that can hold an entire household’s-worth of dishes.

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Slim width dishwashers can fit into even the smallest of kitchens, helping even the most space-limited homes avoid that pile of dishes in the sink!

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Made in Italy, at the SMEG Bonferraro factory in Veneto, and newly-redesigned-and-reimagined for modern kitchens, SMEG’s wide range of pre-finished dishwashers, ready for installation out-of-the-box, and panel-ready dishwashers, capable of being fitted with custom doors to match your kitchen or with a wide selection of SMEG’s pre-made doors in multiple styles, are the exclamation point to your home, and are loaded with functionality, and innovative washing technology

Dishwashing experts for over 50 years, from the industry-first 14-place-setting dishwasher, to pioneering orbital washing system technology, SMEG has once again reimagined its dishwasher line with the end user in-mind.  Adding the customer-favorite full-console control panel to the selection, expanding the range of place-setting and rack configurations, enlarging internal tub space with improved tub and door design, and offering second upper spray arms on the top rack on some models are just a few new additions to the line, while the entire design was also improved inside-and-out.


SMEG’s Planetarium Wash System ensures maximum wash coverage within the dishwasher by using an innovative double simultaneous motion of the spray arm, turning it clockwise around one axis while at the same time the stem moves in the opposite direction, around a second axis. This sprays water evenly in a 360° sweep at approximately 65 RPMs, giving the best wash results available