Fit and Finish - Inspiration - Fit and Finish

A complete offering of high technology appliance collections, articulated different shades and styles of glass and steel, from black to gray, orange to cream, metallic tones to classic saturated colors ranging from yellows to reds to blues to pastel shades.

Linea - Modernity Personified

Sleek and seamlessly-integrated into your kitchen

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Classic Aesthetic, Classic Style

The "flagship" SMEG look, designed by Guido Canali, and a staple for decades

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Wines Stored with the Utmost Care

Optimal temperature, ideal humidity levels, and attention-to-detail are key traits of SMEG wine coolers, the best option for domestic wine storage for the true sommelier

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SMEG Housewares - Icons of the Domestic Landscape

The iconic and curved stars of your kitchen, colorful and full of flair, but also useful: the best way to make breakfast, your favorite coffee, pasta from scratch, and much more

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