Coffee Machines

Discover small domestic coffee machines that give you professional results every morning.  SMEG's coffee maker collection helps you get your best brew every time.


Espresso Coffee Machines

The Italian coffee making tradition finally comes to your kitchen, enchanting coffee lovers everywhere.

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SMEG ECF01 Espresso Coffee Machines:


Espresso Manual Coffee Machine, Red, Retro-style
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Espresso Manual Coffee Machine, Black, Retro-style
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Espresso Manual Coffee Machine, Cream, Retro-style
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Espresso Manual Coffee Machine, White, Retro-style
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Espresso Manual Coffee Machine, Pastel blue, Retro-style
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Espresso Manual Coffee Machine, Pastel green, Retro-style
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Espresso Manual Coffee Machine, Pink, Retro-style
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Drip filter coffee machines

Filter, Drip, or "Americano" coffee is a pleasure to be savored slowly, and is often associated with the idea of a long, relaxing break: the ideal companion for a day at work with your cup on your desk, to be enjoyed at breakfast or lunch, or to take with you when you leave the house - a pleasant companion to combat the hustle and bustle of your day.

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Smeg DCF02 drip filter coffee machine series:


Coffee maker, Red, Retro-style
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Coffee maker, Black, Retro-style
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Coffee maker, Stainless steel, Retro-style
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International Awards

SMEG's reputation for making high-quality design products has been growing worldwide, with our major and small domestic appliances having won several prominent design awards.

SMEG's espresso coffee machines and drip filter coffee machines have won the Good Design Award.

Coffee grinders

The new Smeg CGF01 coffee grinder offers professional grinding results without sacrificing on functionality with unmistakable Smeg style.

So whether you want an espresso at breakfast or an Americano to sip during the afternoon, the Smeg coffee grinder is the perfect tool for true coffee lovers. An object to enjoy and show off, available in 6 colours, to adapt to the style of every kitchen.

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Sicily is my love

The small appliance collection created by Smeg with an unmistakable creativity by Dolce & Gabbana.


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