If you have purchased a SMEG fully-automatic coffee machine, all you have to do is prepare your favorite coffee. This user guide covers every topic, from switching on the machine to periodic maintenance, to guarantee you always get the very best results. Find out how to best use your automatic coffee machine in the Installation, Drinks, Cleaning and Descaling sections.


Operating the BCC01 and BCC02 automatic coffee machines is quick and easy, thanks to a few simple steps: simply fill the tank with fresh, clean water, and adjust the grind level to your liking. Then add the coffee beans and adjust the dispenser height. Finally, select the drink from the main or secondary menu.


The control panel allows you to select, with a single touch, up to 8 drinks: from Ristretto coffee to Espresso, or the more international Americano.

Discover all the functions by choosing the machine that's right for you.



Maintenance has never been easier. Let us guide you through the periodic cleaning and descaling procedures so that your automatic coffee machine continues to work at maximum performance. Just a few simple steps allow you to enjoy a coffee cup that is always delicious.


Periodic cleaning of the automatic coffee machine is recommended to ensure the very best results. Follow the simple cleaning steps in the video to keep your machine in perfect condition.

It is advisable to carry out the cleaning operations while the machine is on.


Starting the descaling process is simple, thanks to the dedicated alarm, located on the control panel, which activates once descaling is required. These simple descaling steps are all illustrated in the video.


When action is required, the relevant icon will illuminate on the control panel in a simple but intuitive way. The video will take you through the different alarms featured on the machine.