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Portofino - The Spirit of the Mediterranean

Advanced cooking technology with a uniquely-colorful flair

The “Portofino” line of ranges features the lightness and brightness of Mediterranean hues, from sea-to-sky, alongside SMEG’s engineering and metalworking know-how.  Available in eight vibrant colors, in all-gas or dual-fuel, and in three sizes, the Portofino range is a sleek and bright addition to any kitchen, being versatile enough to either stand alone, or slide seamlessly into cabinetry.

Professional-grade cooking can be yours without sacrificing ambience or space, with chef-friendly design, and powerful cooking in any size.  Triple convection fans with True European Convection for healthier cooking, and seamless cast iron grates for easier cooking, are just the start.  And the line’s best-in-class energy efficiency represents SMEG’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The vibrant seaside towns of the Ligurian coast, most-famously Portofino, Portovenere, and the villages of Cinque Terre, are the inspiration behind SMEG’s “Portofino”Line.  Best-known for its pesto, ports, and ancient seafaring towns, the region represents the richness and variety of Italy, combining many landscapes and colors, grey mountains to green forests to brown hills to blue sea to the rainbow of homes in the towns, with the large variety of foods and crafts unique to the region.

From the already-available line of matching Portofino hoods in all colors and sizes, to matching Portofino-style handles for cabinetry panels, to the new Portofino refrigerator line, the Portofino aesthetic is already on its way to becoming a complete line for your kitchen, with more to-come.

The “Portofino” Line is SMEG’s way to pay homage to the country of its birth, by incorporating the vibrant colors and vibrant spirit of one of Italy’s most-iconic regions and most-iconic towns into a series of incredible products, bringing the brightness and spirit of the Italian coast into your kitchen.

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