A Colorful Little Addition

With its graceful and colorful appearance, the SMEG KLF05 Mini-Kettle from the '50s Style line is an iconic object with an unmistakable design by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Matteo Bazzicalupo (Deepdesign). Thanks to its compact size, it is perfect for decorating any environment, even ones with limited space.

A "Pop" Soul

The "pop" soul of the KLF05 kettle is reflected in the variety of colors available: pastel colors such as cream, pastel green, pink, and pastel blue, and bold shades such as red, black, and white, enhance the chrome base and the stainless steel details of the spout, as well as the on-off controls.

Take a Stylish Little Break

With 1,400 watts of power and a capacity of 3.3 cups, the SMEG Mini-Kettle minimizes any waste of water. It is perfect for diverse settings, from home offices to living rooms, and can quickly give a cool look to hotel rooms, as wellThe double wall interior with internal stainless steel maintains water temperature longer, while the plastic external wall stays cold to the touch. 

Easy and Safe

SMEG does not sacrifice comfort: the practical base with a 360-degree connection makes it easier-to-use, and the non-slip feet guarantee stable support. In addition, the manual opening with a max-angle of 80 degrees is designed to make filling the carafe easier.

Quick and reliable, the SMEG KLF05 Mini-Kettle guarantees safe use: it switches off automatically when it reaches boiling point, as well as when there's insufficient water inside the kettle, or the body has been detached from the base.

A True Design Icon

This newcomer to the SMEG line is ideal for characterizing any environment with an unmistakable style, to always be kept in-view, either alone, or combined with other '50s-style aesthetic products.

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