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Cookware Deeppans Retro-style CKFD2811BLM

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Category: Kitchenware
Family: Cookware
Codice UPC: 812895022131
EAN code: 8017709296797
Type: Deeppans


Color: Black
Finishing: Matte black
Aesthetic: Retro-style
Body material: Cold-forged aluminum
Internal coating: Non-stick PTFE
Internal color: Black
Bottom plate color: Black
Bottom plate material: Stainless steel
Rim finishing: Coated
Handle(s) type: Side handles
Handle(s) color: Stainless steel
Handle(s) material: Stainless steel AISI304
Handle(s) finishing: Polished
Lid color: Transparent
Lid material: Tempered glass with stainless steel rim
Lid shape: Flat
Lid vent hole: Yes
Knob color: Stainless steel
Knob material: Stainless steel
Knob finishing: Polished

Technical Features

Diameter: 11 "
Handle(s) application: Yes
Coil diameter: 8.4 "
Volume: 4 qt
Base thickness: 0.2 "
Number of non-stick layers: 3
Handle(s) application: Riveting
Oven-use safety: Up to 480°F
Stainless steel plate thickness: 0,5 mm
Dishwasher-safe: Yes
Dishwasher safe lid: Yes
Heavy metals free: Yes
Nickel free: Yes

Logistic Information

Depth: 11 9/16 "
Width: 15 11/16 "
Height: 3 3/8 "
Packaged width: 18 1/16 "
Packaged depth: 14 3/16 "
Packaged height: 5 1/16 "
Packaged dimensions: 128x458x360 mm
Net weight: 6 lbs
Dimensions: 85x398x294 mm

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