Cooktop Universal SIMU536B

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Ultra-low profile
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Ultra-low profile: Installation of product with flat edge - height of 1 mm. Induction: The work of these hobs is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The heat is generated directly in the bottom of the pan during its contact with the hob.
Product family: Cooktop
Dimensions: 36"
Type: Induction
Installation: Ultra-low profile
Power supply: Electric
EAN code: 8017709207281


Touch control The slider control panel allows you to adjust the power simply by passing your finger across the touch
Color: Black
Finishing: Glass
Aesthetics: Universal
Material: Glass
Glass: Ceramic
Control setting type: Touch controls
Controls position: Front
Slider: Yes
Glass edge: Beveled
Silkscreen color: Gray

Programs / Functions

Power booster: option allows the zone to work at full power when very intense cooking is necessary.
Cooking zones: 5
Cooking zones: 5
Cooking zones with Booster: 5
No. of Flexible zones: 2
Main on/off switch: Yes
Power levels: 9


TWIN_ZONE_72dpi PAUSE_72dpi Quick selection, with one touch cooking begins at the highest level, then automatically reduces after time. Ideal for dishes that require quick boiling and then continued cooking without constant control (eg beef broth). Melting function, suitable for slowly melting delicate foods such as chocolate or butter. Timer: All ceramic hobs have a timer which automatically ends cooking after a preset time. Time elapsed: shows how long the cooking zone has been in use. Child lock: some models are fitted with a device to lock the programme/cycle so it cannot be accidentally changed. TWIN_ZONE_72dpi Simmering function: ideal for long-cooking recipes, preventing food from boiling over or sticking to the pan.
Flexible zone: Bridge
Pause option: Yes
End cooking timer: 5
End-of-cooking acoustic alarm: Yes
Residual time indicator: Yes
Child safety lock: Yes
Twin-zone option: Yes
Simmer: Yes
Automatic simmer: Yes
Quick level selection: Yes

Cooking zones

Zone 1 - Type: Induction - single
Zone 2 - Type: Induction - single
Zone 3 - Type: Induction - single
Zone 4 - Type: Induction - single
Zone 5 - Type: Induction - single
Zone 1 - Dimensions: Ø 18.0 cm
Zone 2 - Dimensions: Ø 18.0 cm
Zone 3 - Dimensions: Ø 30.0 cm
Zone 4 - Dimensions: Ø 18.0 cm
Zone 5 - Dimensions: Ø 18.0 cm
Zone 1 - Power: 1.85 kW
Zone 2 - Power: 1.85 kW
Zone 3 - Power: 2.80 kW
Zone 4 - Power: 1.85 kW
Zone 5 - Power: 1.85 kW
Zone 1 - Booster power: 2.50 kW
Zone 2 - Booster power: 2.50 kW
Zone 3 - Booster power: 5.40 kW
Zone 4 - Booster power: 2.50 kW
Zone 5 - Booster power: 2.50 kW

Technical Features

Overheat protection: The safety system that automatically turns off the hob in case of overheating of the control unit. Overfill protection: The special overfill protection shuts down the stove in the presence of overflow of liquids. Indication of residual heat: After the glass ceramic hob is switched off the residual heat indicator shows which of the heating zones still remains hot. When the temperature drops below 60 ° C, the indicator goes out.
Automatic pan diameter adjustment: Yes
Automatic pot detection: Yes
Minimum pan diameter indication: Yes
Automatic switch-off in case of over-heating: Yes
Automatic switch-off in case of overflow: Yes
Residual heat indicator: Yes
Protection from accidental start: Yes

Electrical Connection

Nominal power: 11100 W
Current: 46 A
Voltage: 120/208 V
Voltage 2 (V): 120/240 V
Frequency: 60 Hz

Logistic Information

Dimensions: 84x920x541
Depth: 21 5/16 "
Width: 36 1/4 "
Height: 3 5/16 "
Net weight: 44 lbs
Gross weight: 53 lbs
Packaged width: 39 3/16 "
Packaged depth: 23 1/4 "
Packaged height: 5 1/2 "
Packaged dimensions: 140X995X590
Maximum stackability: 10
Packaging: Shrink-wrapped
Packaging composition - Paper: 2 lbs
Packaging composition - Polystyrene: 2 lbs
Packaging composition - Wood: 1 lbs

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