Divina Cucina SMEG & Dolce&Gabbana TRU36GMDGM

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Divina Cucina
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Vapor Clean: a simple cleaning function using steam to loosen deposits in the oven cavity.
Product family: Range
Range size: 36"
Range fuel: Dual-fuel
Main oven: Thermo-ventilated
Cleaning system: VaporClean
EAN code: 8017709280093


Heavy duty cast iron pan stands: for maximum stability and strength. ...
Color: Decorated / Special
Decoration / Special color: Majolica
Finishing: Glossy
Aesthetics: Victoria
Design: Victoria
Series: Divina Cucina
Collaborations: SMEG & Dolce&Gabbana
Material: Painted metal
Door: With frame
Control panel finish: Stainless steel
Cooktop color: Black enamel
Handle: Victoria
Controls color: Stainless steel
Upstand: Yes
Display: Touch
Grates: Cast Iron
Door glass type: Stopsol
Handle color: Polished chrome
Control knobs: Victoria
No. of controls: 8
Feet: none
Plinth: Anthracite
Storage compartment: Drawer

Programs / Functions

Traditional cooking functions
  • Upper and lower element only: a traditional cooking method best suited for single items located in the centre of the oven. the top pf the oven will always be hottest. Ideal for roast, fruit cakes, bread etc. Static
  • Fan with upper and lower elements: The elements combined with the fan aim to provide more uniform heat, a similar method to conventional cooking, so pre-heat is required. Most suitable for items requiring slow cooking methods. Fan-assisted
  • Circulaire:  The combination of the fan and circular element around it gives a hot air cooking method. This provides many benefits including no preheat if cook time is more than 20 minutes, no flavour transfer when cooking different foods at the same time, less energy, and shorter cook times. Good for all types of food. True European convection
  • Half grill: For rapid cooking and browning of foods. Best results can be obtained by using the top shelf for small items, the lower shelves for larger ones, such as chops or sausages. For half grill heat is generated only at the centre of the element, so is ideal for smaller quantities. Small grill
  • Grill element: Using of grill gives excellent results when cooking meat of medium and small portions, especially when combined with a rotisserie (where possible). Also ideal for cooking sausages and bacon. Large grill
  • Fan with grill element: The fan reduces the fierce heat from the grill, providing an excellent method of grilling various foods, chops, steaks, sausages etc. giving even browning and heat distribution, without drying out the food. The top two levels recommended for use, and the lower part of the oven can be used to keep items warm at the same time, an excellent facility when cooking a grilled breakfast. Half grill (centre portion only) is ideal for small quantities of food. Large grill + Fan
  • Lower heating element only: This function is ideal for foods that require extra base temperature without browning, e.g. pastry dishes, pizza. Also suitable for slow cooking of stews and casseroles. Bottom
Other functions
  • Defrost by time: with this function the time of thawing of foods are determined automatically. Defrost by time

Main oven options

Timer: Yes
End-of-cooking alarm: Yes
Minimum Temperature: 122 °F
Maximum temperature: 500 °F

Cooktop technical features

Ultra rapid burners: Powerful ultra rapid burners offer up to 5kw of power.
Cooking zones: 5
Zone 1 - Type: Gas - Rapid
Zone 2 - Type: Gas - Semi-rapid
Zone 3 - Type: Gas - Dual ultra-rapid
Zone 4 - Type: Gas - Semi-rapid
Zone 5 - Type: Gas - AUX
Zone 1 - Power: 2.80 kW
Zone 1 - Power: 9500 BTU
Zone 2 - Power: 1.80 kW
Zone 2 - Power: 6000 BTU
Zone 3 - Power: 5.30 kW
Zone 3 - Power: 18000 BTU
Zone 4 - Power: 1.80 kW
Zone 4 - Power: 6000 BTU
Zone 5 - Power: 1.00 kW
Zone 5 - Power: 3500 BTU
Burners type: Standard
Burner caps: Enameled matte black
Automatic gas ignition: Yes
Gas safety valves: Yes

Main Oven Technical Features

All glass inner door: All glass inner door, a single flat surface which is simple to keep clean. Air cooling system: to ensure a safe surface temperatures. Triple glazed doors: Number of glazed doors. The capacity indicates the amount of usable space in the oven cavity in litres. Enamel interior: The enamel interior of all Smeg ovens have a special antacid lining which helps keep the interior clean by reducing the amount of cooking grease adhering to it. Soft close: all models are equipped with advanced function of smooth closing of the door, which allows the device to close smoothly and quietly. The oven cavity has 5 different cooking levels. The inner door glass: can be removed with a few quick movements for cleaning. Side lights: Two opposing side lights increase visibility inside the oven.
Net volume of the cavity: 4.20 cu. ft.
Volume: 4.45 cu. ft.
Cavity material: EverClean enamel
No. of shelves: 5
Shelves type: Metal racks
No. of lights: 2
Light type: Halogen
Light Power: 40 W
Fan number: 3
Time setting: Start and end
Door opening: Drop-down
Light on when door is open: Yes
Removable door: Yes
Full-glass inner door: Yes
Removable inner door: Yes
Total no. of door glasses: 3
No.of thermo-reflective door glasses: 2
Safety thermostat: Yes
Cooling system: Tangential
Grill type: Electric
Grill power: 1700 W
Large grill - Power: 2900 W
Bottom heating element - Power: 1700 W
Upper heating element - Power: 1200 W
Circular heating element - Power: 1550 W
Soft Close system: Yes
Temperature control: Electro-mechanical

Electrical Connection

Electrical connection rating: 3300 W
Current: 15 A
Voltage: 120-240 V
Voltage (V): 120/208 V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Power cord length: 47 1/4 "

Gas Connection

Gas Type: G20 Natural gas

Logistic Information

Dimensions: 900x900x600 mm
Width: 35 7/16 "
Height: 35 7/16 "
Depth: 23 5/8 "
Packaged dimensions: 1015X960X670 mm
Gross weight: 277 lbs
Net weight: 241 lbs
Packaged width: 37 13/16 "
Packaged depth: 26 3/8 "
Packaged height: 39 15/16 "
Maximum stackability: 4
Packaging: Cardboard box
Packaging composition - Paper: 12 lbs
Packaging composition - Polystyrene: 14 lbs
Packaging composition - Wood: 7 lbs
Packaging composition - Plastics: 2 lbs

Accessories Included

Other gas nozzles included: G30 LPG liquid gas

Accessories included for main oven and cooktop

Cast iron wok support: 1
Moka cast-iron stand: Moka ring
TOP Oven grid with back stop: 2
1.6"-deep tray: 1
Telescopic Guide rails, total Extraction: 1
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