Special projects - Divina Cucina

Dolce&Gabbana and SMEG have continued their revolutionary collaboration that has taken them on an artistic journey through the colors, culture, and beauty of Sicily, with Divina Cucina.  The newest part of this multi-year relationship, and an authentic celebration of the “Made in Italy” spirit that has typified the partnership, Divina Cucina is a new standard in home appliances, both functional and essential components of your kitchen, as well as true works of art.

A tribute to the Italian roots underpinning both companies, but especially the Sicilian aesthetics Dolce&Gabbana is famous for, the collection consists of a new freestanding kitchen set of a ventilation hood and matching range with a coordinated FAB28 single-door refrigerator, with the retro lines SMEG is known for combined with the bold colors and artistic intensity DG is known for.  Available in two variants, one characterized by the warm and fiery reds and oranges of Sicilian puppet theater and the famed Carretto Siciliano, the other by the elegant and gentle blues and whites of traditional Majolica pottery.

Capturing the soul of the Sicilian landscape, people, culture, and cuisine in an authentic and unforgettable fashion, has been made possible thanks to the unmatched combination of SMEG’s long experience in quality appliances, and the creativity and artistic spark of Dolce&Gabbana.