BCC Full Automatic coffee machine as an example of distinctive design

The DesignEuropa Awards are now in their fourth year. Organised by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the DesignEuropa awards recognise and reward great products and designers in the field of industrial design. SMEG is one of eight finalists for the 2023 edition with the BCC Full Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine. The finalists stood out from almost 700 applicants for setting new standards in design, as well as prioritising sustainability and social impact.

The BCC Full Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine represents a perfect synthesis of Smeg's vision: a product with an iconic design that conceals advanced technology. It is the dialogue between technology and design that makes the product empathetic and user-friendly, so that the user can use it at any time of day.
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Smeg will participate together with all the other finalists at the award ceremony in Berlin on 5th September 2023, with the aim of decreeing the winner of the prize and emphasising the importance of intellectual property, for which EUIPO stands.
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