Blast chillers

Entirely made in Italy, Smeg Blast chillers preserve the freshness of food by up to 70%, guaranteeing impeccable hygiene and safety. Quality in manufacturing, attention to sustainability and cutting-edge technology make nutrients, colours and fragrances timeless and daily life becomes healthier and better organized. 

Blast chillers - Smeg
Beyond time, Beyond Cuisine.

Elevate your culinary experience

Smeg Blast chillers maintain the same organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of fresh food, ensuring higher quality for healthier eating.

Enjoy the real taste of the sea

Bringing the sea directly to the table is possible by blast chilling the fish at -18° for 96 hours. In this way, every parasite and bacteria will be neutralized, and enjoying excellent raw fish will no longer be something you can only do at restaurants, but at home whenever you prefer.
Extend food life
Smeg blast chillers extend the shelf life of foods by up to 70%, allowing for better portioning of preparations and enabling efficient weekly meal planning.
Reduce food waste
Smeg blast chillers make a significant contribution to reducing food waste and are a valuable aid to sustainability in everyday life.
Cook like professionals
Smeg blast chillers are multifunctional professional products. They feature hot as well as cold functions to preserve and bring out  the best of flavour.

Vitality system for a healthier life

Vitality System is SMEG recipe for healthy nutrition: always consume good quality fresh food, free from preservatives, full of taste and vitality. The system is composed of 3 revolutionary products: Galileo Multicooking Technology, blast chiller and vacuum drawer.
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Also beyond space

Thanks to the SmegConnect App, you can select, customise and start programmes of your blast chiller directly from your smartphone or tablet at any time of day, wherever you are. 
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