Smeg offers a wide range of kitchen mixer taps, varying in appearance and finish, to ensure practical and functional use. The coloured mixers perfectly match the range of Smeg large appliances, without compromising on the latest technological features such as the pull-out spray.

WSC taps

Smeg taps with the WSC - Water Saving Cartridge the control lever stops halfway, causing 50% of the water (sufficient for normal cooking activities) to be dispensed from the mixer to save water consumption.

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ESC taps

Smeg taps with the ESC -  Energy Saving Cartridge system the control lever positioned in the middle dispenses only cold water, and not 50% of hot and 50% of cold. To obtain hot water, turn the lever further to the left. Thus the use does not operate the boiler.

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AISI316 stainless steel is a material designed for medical and naval environments. As a result, Smeg stainless steel mixers not only have a distinctive design but also ensure long-lasting, unadulterated use.

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The MAP100CR solution provides Instant boiling water at 98°C plus standard hot and cold water supply, all in one neat and convenient tap. Boiling water is available in the tank instantly - just release the safety mechanism and use the left hand tap lever as usual to release the water at 98°C straight into the vessel of your choice. A safety system ensures that boiling water is not released by mistake and the neck is insulated. The right hand lever works the same as a standard single lever tap for normal hot and cold water supplies as required.