Smeg hobs combine quality materials with cutting-edge technology. Available in different shapes, sizes and cooking methods to match the aesthetics of your oven.


Hobs with multi-zone function allow two or more cooking zones to be combined into one larger one to use even large pots or grills.

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Autovent 2.0

Hobs with the Autovent 2.0 function can automatically connect to the hood, which will be activated according to the power of the hob, to draw steam when needed.

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Eco-logic advance

Induction hobs with the Eco-Logic Advance function offer the ultimate in energy savings, as they provide the possibility of limiting the total energy consumption of the hob by up to 2400 W.

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Piano Design

The Piano Design hobs have an all-stainless steel surface with rounded burners and geometric grids. The Piano Design studio's design brings design closer to the dictates of architecture for a hob designed to last and to ensure the best performance.

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HOBD: the perfect combination of cooking and extraction

With Hobd, design knows no limits: induction cooking is combined with extraction power in an appliance which boasts an elegant, minimalist design, with attention paid to even the smallest details for maximum practicality and efficiency.

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Blade burners

Burners with laminar vertical flame are designed to maximize the efficiency of heat distribution on the bottom of the dishes.

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