Designed to satisfy the most demanding users in terms of wash performanceenergy savings and ease of use, Smeg dishwashers are functional sophistication, elegant lines distinguish these innovative Made in Italy products. The range offers different products for all types of installation to best fit into any type of kitchen.

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The brillance of Made in Italy

Know-how, creativity and refinement are the essence of Italian style and, at the same time, the hallmarks of Smeg, which through its constant efforts succeeds in giving everyday objects a soul.

Effortless, Limitless, Noiseless

Over four decades of expertise in designing and producing dishwashers, both in the domestic and professional sectors, Smeg has lead to a cutting-edge washing system, which enables reduced consumption, top quality results and guaranteed hygiene, combined with a distinctive and iconic design.

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Eco-friendly essential for modern living

In traditional handwashing, there is often a huge waste of water while reaching the desired temperature and rinsing in cold water compounds the consumption. Conversely, Smeg dishwashers operate with remarkable efficiency, employing minimal quantities of water and ingeniously recycling it throughout the cleansing cycle.
Smeg dishwashers are developed based on the values that guide the company every day, including environmental sustainability. Smeg has successfully researched a method that guarantees both outstanding washing results and water and energy optimization, managing to classify its appliances in the highest energy efficiency class (Class A).
The products represent a crucial step toward a more sustainable future and a healthier, more welcoming planet for the next generations. 

More than just an appliance

Thanks to the Smeg Connect App, you can select, customise and start programmes of your dishwasher directly from your smartphone or tablet at any time of day, wherever you are. 
Just download it to get the most out of your appliances performance.
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