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Bean-To-Cup coffee machines

Bean-To-Cup coffee machines are appliances which automatically carry out the entire process of preparing coffee, from grinding the fresh beans to brewing and dispensing the drink itself.

Smeg Bean-To-Cup coffee machines are designed for domestic use, and feature iconic design, a compact footprint and exceptional ease of use. Like other machines in the category, they incorporate a coffee grinder to provide the unique experience of coffee made from freshly ground beans.

You must only use whole coffee beans. The machine is not designed for use with ground coffee.

The two models – BCC01 and BCC02 – differ in the functions offered. The BCC01 model is designed for coffee lovers, and offers eight different drinks (Ristretto, Espresso, Coffee, Hot Water, Ristretto Light, Espresso Light, Lungo, Americano). The BCC02 model also features a steam nozzle for the preparation of steamed/foamed milk-based drinks as well.

To make a good cup of coffee you need to choose a high-quality blend of beans, use fresh, clean water, and ensure that all the components of the Bean-To-Cup machine are sufficiently clean.

After opening the pack, coffee beans can be stored in a tightly sealed container, which should not be transparent, as exposure to the light could alter the beans’ taste and aroma. For the same reason, it is advisable to store the coffee beans in a cool, dry location away from sources of heat, such as a kitchen cabinet or sideboard. The bean container of the Bean-To-Cup machine is suitable for holding the beans for a few days in a location away from light, and the freshness seal helps preserve their taste and aroma.

After turning the machine on, simply select the desired drink by pressing the corresponding button. All the preset functions are “one touch”: with a simple press, the machine will automatically dispense the desired drink.

To obtain a hotter cup of coffee, it is recommended to preheat the coffee cup. Cups play an important role and depending on their material they may disperse more or less heat. Preheating the cup using the Hot Water function will allow you to achieve a higher temperature in order to enjoy a hotter coffee.

The body of the coffee also depends on the blend of beans used. Use a good quality blend and ensure that the grind adjustment knob is set to a fine level. See the instruction manual for further details on this.

To obtain a good foam, we recommend using full-cream or semi-skimmed cow's milk at refrigerator temperature (around 5°C). Cow’s milk will provide the best results. It is nevertheless possible to use plant-based milks such as soy, rice or almond milk. In this case, the result will vary depending on the protein and fat content of each. The foaming results will depend not only on the type of milk used, but also on how the user moves the steam nozzle during the procedure.

The BCC01 and BCC02 models are supplied with power cable, water hardness testing strip and cleaning brush in the package, in addition to the machine. The BCC02 model also includes a special needle for cleaning the steam nozzle.

Once the cable is connected, add fresh water to the tank and coffee beans to the hopper. Press the ON/OFF button: the machine heating phase will begin, followed by the self-cleaning cycle of the internal circuits. Once the cycle is complete, the machine is ready for use. To dispense a drink, simply press the corresponding button. All the preset functions are “one touch”: simply press, and the machine will automatically dispense the drink.

On first use, it is recommended to rinse the removable components with warm water and prepare at least one coffee to “break in” all the internal circuits.

Yes, both models –BCC01 and BCC02 – have a knob which allows the grind to be adjusted. Turn the knob anticlockwise to obtain a finer grind and therefore a more intense coffee. Turn the knob clockwise to achieve a coarser grind and therefore a less intense coffee. The grind must be adjusted when the machine is operational, or on first use when the bean container is completely empty.

It is recommended to set a coarser grind when first using the machine, and then set it finer or adjust it to your own taste or depending on the coffee blend used. To prevent damage to the grinding unit, it is recommended to turn the knob when the machine is in the grinding phase.

It is recommended to use fresh, clean water. The machine is factory set to the “Hard Water” level by default, but it can be set to correspond to the characteristics of the mains water supply in use. If you do not know your water hardness, use the supplied testing strip, following the instructions given in the booklet. With particularly hard water, it is recommended to use the Smeg Water Softener Filter (CODE: 1ECWF01 – optional extra, not supplied with the machine) in order to best preserve the flavour and aroma of the coffee.

It is recommended to change the water at least once a day. Using fresh, clean water is fundamental to obtaining a good coffee.

Yes, it is possible to customise and store the desired length for each type of drink.

Yes, it is possible to adjust the position of the dispenser nozzle depending on the cup used. For very tall cups, it is also possible to remove the drip tray.

Yes, the BCC02 model allows you to prepare drinks with steamed/foamed milk thanks to its integrated steam nozzle.

The steam nozzle can be moved slightly outwards to facilitate positioning of the frothing jug. The steaming/foaming results may vary depending on how the user moves the steam nozzle during the process.

In this case it is recommended to open the blades of the coffee grinder, as well as more generally adapting the grind to the blend used and your personal taste.

Clean the outer surfaces of the machine with a soft, moistened cloth after each use. The machine will also carry out a self-cleaning cycle after it is turned on and when it is turned off, if it has dispensed at least one drink.

To guarantee correct operation of the machine, as well as ensuring optimum quality of the dispensed beverages, some simple daily cleaning operations are recommended. It is recommended to clean the inside and outside of the drip tray and the water tank using neutral washing-up liquid under running water, not in the dishwasher. It is also recommended to wash the water tank regularly as any scale residue could compromise correct product operation. To clean the bean container, use the supplied brush to remove any old beans or other residue. The machine will indicate when the coffee grounds container needs to be emptied and cleaned (operation to be performed with the machine on). An alarm will also inform the consumer when cleaning of the brewing unit and relative compartment is recommended, in order to ensure the best coffee at all times. The brewing unit must only be washed under running water, never in the dishwasher. For the BCC02 model, a manual rinse cycle is recommended following each use of the steam function. Use the supplied cleaning needle to clean the steam nozzle and its hole thoroughly from any deposits. The machine also performs an automatic rinse cycle after dispensing a milk drink.

No. Mineral water, just like tap water, contains varying quantities of calcium and magnesium salts which contribute to the formation of limescale. If using bottled water, read the values on the label carefully, particularly as regards dry residue, and use the specific test strip supplied with the machine to set the water hardness value correctly.

A specific alarm will notify you when a descaling cycle is recommended. Set the machine to the effective hardness value of the water used to ensure this is not carried out too frequently. Ensure that sufficient descaling solution is added to allow the entire cycle to complete. The user should also remain in the vicinity of the machine for the duration of the descaling cycle, as the machine may make requests that they must carry out.

Contact an authorised service centre to purchase Smeg descaler.