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total black kitchen

Black in the kitchen is the trend that undermines all the principles of formality: designed for those looking for an elegant and sophisticated look, starting with the choice of the furniture.


In contemporary decor, the ink-colored kitchen remains at the top of the decor choice. The coolest trend is a total black look, which also includes the wall covering. The composite sink integrates perfectly into the worktop and is antibacterial, scratch-resistant and resistant to thermal shock. To complete it, one of the novelties by Smeg  is the single-jet tap in black brass.

The Smeg kitchens of the Victoria line bring back to timeless environments and are suitable for both country and metropolitan atmospheres, perfect for those who love to spend their free time in the kitchen. The cookware proposal gives an ultra-contemporary touch. In cold forged aluminum, the collection is designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Matteo Bazzicalupo of the Deepdesign studio. Designed for a healthy and varied cuisine, in the matt black version it includes four pans, two casseroles, a wok and a pan.


The glossy finish, on the other hand, is perfect to catalyze as much light as possible in the kitchen: Dolce Stil Novo is the aesthetic that with a design with clean and minimal lines brings out elegance and refinement regardless of the combination chosen.

Among the novelties, the oven with the renewed VIVOscreen MAX display, which is equipped with a larger screen and functions such as step cooking and smart cooking: up to 53 automatic ready-to-use recipes, to guarantee an optimal cooking result.

The shades range from pitch to anthracite gray, from blackboard to graphite. It is a color that can be easily combined with most appliances in the kitchen: in fact, the entire collection of Smeg appliances of the 50's Style line is also declined in black. The news? The matt variant of the three iconic products: the FAB refrigerator, the kettle and the toaster.

The decorative and functional hood is from the same line: with a 280 W motor it is equipped with an intensive speed function to eliminate odors more quickly, while the carbon filters act on the absorption of fats and vapors. Suitable both indoors and outdoors, when not in use it can be closed becoming a real piece of furniture, an indispensable feature of Smeg appliances.



Taps, Anthracite
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Oven, Dolce Stil Novo, 60cm, Combi Steam, Black, Component finish: Copper, A+, Pyrolitic
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Refrigerator, 50's Style , One Door, Free standing, Hinge position: Right, Black, Fan assisted, G
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Refrigerator, 50's Style , One Door, Free standing, Hinge position: Right, Decorated / Special, Black Velvet, Fan assisted, G
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Toaster, No. of slices: 2, Black, Finishing: Matt, 50's Style
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Kettles, 1.7lt / 7 cups, Black, Finishing: Matt, 50's Style
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