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For those who enjoy cooking and appreciate both natural gas and induction cooktops, Smeg presents its new mixed cooktops, offering the best of both cooking methods. In a single space, Smeg's cooktops combine an induction zone with traditional gas burners, offering maximum versatility of use. 

Two models are available: one in the Classic line, featuring a sober, minimal design, and the other in the Dolce Stil Novo line, featuring refined copper or stainless steel profiles.

Available in various sizes (60, 75 and 90 cm), the cooktops come with one or two powerful 6-kW ultra-rapid gas burners with durable cast iron surface elements, accompanied by one or two induction zones. The induction area is multizone, which ensures maximum flexibility of use of the cooktop, since its component zones can be used separately or together as a single large cooking space.

Various special functions provide exactly the right level of heat for each type of cooking: Melting slowly melts delicate foods such as butter or chocolate; Keep Warm keeps already cooked foods at the right temperature without burning them; Simmering is used to make soups and sauces that need to cook slowly and for a long time without boiling; and Smart Pot Detection identifies where a pot has been placed and immediately activates the appropriate controls.
Finally, the elegant slider-based control panel allows the user to adjust the heat level by simply running a finger across the touch surface.

Smeg, a leading manufacturer of appliances that represent the best combination of design and technology, once more proves its ability to keep pace with the needs of contemporary life.