Smeg has a long history of creating uniquely designed special edition FAB28 fridges; from the iconic Union Jack to a fridge covered in Denim, they continue to provide a contemporary twist on an already iconic range.

Loyal Smeg fans will remember the very popular limited edition Black velvet fridge, the FAB28QVB, released back in 2012, which featured a unique matt black "soft touch" finish. The surface of the fridge had an extraordinary rubberised effect that had to be felt in order to fully appreciate it. This innovative new finish allowed a cosy and tactile texture to be introduced into the kitchen for the very first time.

This year, Smeg are thrilled to announce the arrival of two new colourways to the FAB28 range, which all feature a similar "soft touch" finish to the black velvet; Ruby Red FAB28RDRB3 and Taupe FAB28RDTP3.

So how do you decide which is the right one for you?

Well, if you are looking for something rich, bold, and indulgent then Ruby Red is the perfect choice. This sumptuous shade with its subtle metallic shimmer brings an opulence which looks great in a modern kitchen as well as those that are more bohemian or eccentric.

Or, if you prefer more natural, relaxing, earthy tones, then Taupe will bring a cool ethos to your kitchen. Combine with white, grey or cream hues for a modern and luxurious aesthetic which complements rather than dominates a kitchen, bringing warmth and light.