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Design meets art with Thierry Noir


Thierry Noir

Thierry Noir, the artist recognised as one of the forerunners of Modern Street Art, honed his distinctive style on the Berlin Wall in the early 80s.  Each day, for five years, Noir painted the wall with his bold, cartoon-like characters in an attempt to show the wall for what it really was – an ugly mutation of a once great city. 

The necessity to work quickly – each time he put brush to wall he ran the risk of being shot at by GDR patrol guards – honed his unique style of simple figures created from one continuous line in a few bright, bold colours.  A style he labelled Fast Form Manifest.

Since the wall came down in 1989 Noir has been invited to paint on remnants of the wall – and other street projects - around the globe, from Mexico and the US to South Korea and the UK.

Noir spent a few short weeks in Sydney recently and turned his distinctive talents to the iconic Smeg FAB refrigerators.


Serendipity played a critical role in this latest incarnation of the FAB refrigerator – Thierry was here at the invitation of John Winning, founder of Appliances Online, to paint the exterior of his house.  A neighbour’s objection, over colour selection, led to a temporary hold-up while council approval was sought – and in the downtime Winning had to find something to keep the prolific artist occupied!

The result is six FAB refrigerators that are global firsts and form a very limited editionUnique in their decoration, on a selection of black, red and white refrigerators, Noir’s artwork adds yet another layer of street cred to an already covetable piece of design.  Each piece took the artist a full day to complete.

Out of the many commissions Noir has received, he says the most unusual has been the request to paint the exterior of the Sydney home belonging to John Winning.  “Never have I been asked to stop work while permission is sought for me to continue.  Never!”.


Smeg’s FAB32 refrigerators, in a range of lush colours and suitable for consumers to add their own art, if they so choose, are available nationally from appliance specialists and electrical retailers. 

RRP is $3290.


Go to www.smeg.com.au for more details.