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With Hobd, design knows no limits: induction cooking is combined with extraction power in an appliance which boasts an elegant, minimalist design, with attention paid to even the smallest details for maximum practicality and efficiency.

A cast iron grille lies at the centre of the Hobd hob, protecting the powerful integrated extractor fan. With no difference in the height across its surface, the glass ceramic hob top is resistant and completely flush, so pans can be moved across it without encountering any obstacles. A few centimetres under the surface, the extraction motor instantly removes cooking odours and vapours, much faster than a traditional hood. Equipped with an extremely efficient high-quality grease filter which can be washed in the dishwasher, Hobd also features the special AquaProof Engine & Two Liquid collectors safety system, making cleaning simple and removing any risk in case of accidental spillage of liquids.

The Hobd hob can be used both with a normal fume ducting system to the exterior, and in the recirculation configuration. With the latter, a specially-designed kit (KITF6HOBD), composed of ceramic filters, purifies cooking vapours, meaning that no fume outlet is needed: the kit can also be installed in the most modern kitchens, with a base measuring only 6 cm in height.