New Smeg induction hobs: the kitchen looks to the future

Smeg induction hobs

Intuitive and elegant, the new Smeg induction hobs are the perfect tools for cooking with ease and safety.

The new Smeg induction hobs confirm themselves as objects with a refined aesthetic both in form and materials, design products with beauty written in their DNA. Extremely practical and safe, they have an optimal cooking yield, comparable - for performance and precision - to that of a gas hob.

Totally renewed in design and materials, they become extremely minimal in the version with Eclipse black glass, with no visible controls or screen printing, or acquire a superior brightness thanks to the new Glassy glasses in the silver and black versions. The new induction hobs are available for the Linea and Dolce Stil Novo aesthetics.


The Glassy glass of the Linea aesthetic boasts a glossy finish with elegant transparencies, available in a refined black under-glass tone and in the new silver tone.


The black eclipse glass, with no visible screen printing, combines an elegant minimal design with maximum flexibility in terms of performance.

But the news does not only concern the design: the new Smeg hobs are equipped with innovative technologies that make them real smart objects for even more practical and immediate food preparation.

Thus the cooking surface becomes flexible and a single gesture will be enough to activate the MultiZone function, expanding the cooking area to adapt to the shape and size of different pots. Without worrying about having to activate the right area thanks to Autopot Detection, the function dedicated to auto-detection of the pot.

All without neglecting sustainability: the new line of induction hobs has specific functions to improve energy savings such as the Double Booster - an extra gear to consume less and quickly reach the desired temperature - or the new Eco-Logic Advance system which limits the power of the hob, from a minimum of 2.4 kw.

Induction hobs with DIGI TOUCH controls

The new Digi Touch controls with red LEDs make the use of the hob simple and intuitive, guaranteeing the best technical performance. Furthermore, replacing the old hob will no longer be a problem thanks to the compatibility with the built-in gas hob. The new Digi Touch controls are available on the SI2641D and SI2741D models.

Induction hobs with COMPACT SLIDER controls


The new Compact Slider controls with red LEDs introduce a quick and precise selection to better manage the hob, without sacrificing simple and intuitive use.

Induction hobs with EVO SLIDER controls

The new Evo Slider controls are equipped with refined white LEDs that give a touch of elegance to the hob in use. They will also be visible only when needed and will disappear when the induction hob is no longer in use.

Induction hobs with MULTI SLIDER controls

The new Multi Slider controls with white LEDs reach the avant-garde of induction hob cooking, allowing versatile and personalized use, which guarantees maximum precision during cooking and a completely intuitive selection, without giving up an elegant and minimal aesthetic.


Hob, Aesthetics: Linea, Induction, 90 cm, Silver, Built-in type: Ultra-low profile or Fully Flushed
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