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Smeg wins the Red Dot Awards for the second consecutive year. This time it was the 50’s style blender and the TR4110 Victoria cooker that have attracted the attention of the Red Dot Design Awards jury. Made up of international professional design experts, from different backgrounds, the jury ensures an extended evaluation of the intercultural aspects connected with the winning design projects, which is an approach particularly close to the Smeg philosophy.   

The TR4110 cooker was awarded as “Red Dot: Best of the Best” for top design quality and ground-breaking design. The 110cm Victoria cooker, the aesthetic is classic and perfectly captures the essence of timelessness, characterized by attention to details and a love for warm and familiar atmospheres. Details such as the Smeg 50's style logo and the striking chrome knobs enhance the distinctive style that makes every single product Smeg unique.

The blender BLF01 was awarded the “Red Dot for high quality design”. The small household appliance, in itself an object evocative of healthy daily habits, uses aesthetic references to a not too distant past - the 1950s - to assert its modernity made of latest generation technology and above all aesthetic sensibility. Its lines and colours, from the candy-like ones to the more serious ones, are not capricious details but a strong point of Smeg and of the design by Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti (deepdesign).

The media support of the Red Dot Design Awards, the inclusion in the Year Book, the Red Dot App, the presence in the Museum of Essen and the “on tour” initiatives will be invaluable as tools of communication and to spread the values and beauty that extend from the individual product to the whole Smeg collection.