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On the 22nd of September, Smeg Store Lisbon, in Portugal, had a party to celebrate the reopening of its store. In the most charismatic place of Lisbon, Chiado, Smeg Store Portugal reopened with a wider space full of light and personality, with a pallet of cream wood tones and natural green. To follow the renewed design values of Milan’s Showroom, Smeg Store Lisbon invites customers to a contemporary, modern and warm environment.

The celebration itself was surprisingly amusing and vigorous. The extensive set of small appliances on one of the walls add color and life to the space, representing the #freeyourcolors mantra, while the Fiat500 and the Dolce&Gabbana surprised the creative ones.

We welcomed our guests with Italian appetizers and afterwards, our Chef Nuno Queiroz Ribeiro prepared a delicious mushroom risotto for over 300 people and prepared a ‘live’ ice cream with the stand mixer and nitrogen for dessert.

smeg store PT

Meanwhile, there was plenty of other distractions: we had an artist designing an impressive illustration of Martin Luther King to commemorate the National Peace Day (21st September) and had the pleasure of having ‘Quinta do Arneiro’ preparing some organic fruit vegetable cocktails with unexpected and delicious flavors, for guests to try out the wonders of the Slow Juicer.

For Smeg Portugal, this new opening meant strengthening the brand’s identify and improving the both the store experience and feel for our customers, and make it a reference point in Lisbon. 

Smeg Store PT