Available in Linea, Classica and Dolce Stil Novo versions. It's a multifunctional and versatile domestic appliance.


Smeg is opening up a new frontier in the home appliance sector with the introduction of its new built in blast chiller.

In terms of the product’;s appearance, it is available in Linea, Classica and Dolce Stil Novo versions. It is a multifunctional and versatile domestic appliance, with an elegant design which integrates perfectly with all other Smeg products in the range.

A precious tool in the professional kitchen which is now ready to enter the houses of those who are looking for healthier, higher-quality food, with significant time savings  for example for weekly meal planning and with greater creative possibilities to create professional-quality meals.

The Smeg blast chiller, thanks to Ready to Eat function, also allows you to keep dishes at refrigerator temperature for the whole day, free from spoiling and bacterial growth, and then heating them up at a preset time. This function is particularly convenient, ensuring you have a hot dinner ready when you return home, without compromising food safety.

Its functions, including automatic programs for beginners and manual programs for expert users, include positive (from 80-90°C to 3°C in less than 90 minutes) and negative (deep freezing) cold programs (-18°C in less than 4 1/2 hours). It is therefore also possible to quickly chill bottles (1° per minute) in order to enjoy wine and other drinks at the optimal temperature and to keep foods at the required temperature (useful, for example, for desserts and ice creams before serving).


Thanks to the speed at which it cools foodstuffs, Smegs blast chiller extends the average storage time possible for foods by up to 70%, by preventing the proliferation of bacteria and perfectly retaining the taste, aroma and nutritional properties of fresh foods, which would otherwise largely be lost when freezing in a normal freezer. This is particularly important for children, who can now eat fruit and vegetables the whole year round in season, while enjoying all their taste and nutritional benefits.

Another major plus is the Smeg blast chiller's hot functions, including dough proving, which can be customised for up to 3 steps with different durations and temperatures, allowing you to achieve professional quality, light and highly digestible products with small amounts of yeast.

The defrost option is also extremely useful: much quicker than using a refrigerator, it keeps the foods properties intact without the risk of partially cooking the food. It is also possible to use the blast chiller for low-temperature cooking and to keep dishes warm at the set temperature.

Finally, Smeg’s new blast chiller helps with your day-to-day kitchen management, saving you time and minimising wastage while still allowing you to eat food of the highest quality. The product represents a sensitivity to consumption and food quality, combined with the technological approach which Smeg has adopted as its vision and is the added value to the company’s product range.