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The inauguration of the new Smeg Concept Store at 58 Via Moscova, Milan, opens an important new chapter in the history of the brand, marked by an internationalization of its image. This acknowledges the city’s role as world capital of design, at a particularly exciting time, coinciding with the months of Expo 2015, the Universal Exhibition.
The location, in Brera/Garibaldi, one of the city’s most vibrant design districts, reflects the company’s dynamism; on the one hand the Corso Monforte store will successfully continue to be a traditional store, whilst the new venue will offer an immersive experience in the Smeg philosophy: creativity, research and Italianness will be at the core of a story-telling evoked by the product, the architecture of the premises and the events that will be held there. This exciting experience of the brand will give the consumer the possibility to explore Smeg proposals and its product innovations.

The pleasure of being surrounded by customizable objects with which to interact in a dynamic expression of personal creativity, has inspired the new hob of the Dolce Stil Nuovo Line “with the birds”. It playfully offers a revolutionary approach to the kitchen: thanks to a set of interchangeable grids, from basic to more decorative ones with small birds, leaves and fruit, depending on the occasion and the context, preference can be given to performance or to aesthetics, by transforming the hob from a functional element into an objet d’art.

The new Smeg Store will also hosts events from June until October, featuring design, art and cooking interpreted, coherently with the Smeg spirit, by creative personalities known for the high content of experimentation in their projects: Marti Guixé, the forerunner of Food Design, will talk about food as a project in a light-hearted lesson; the designer Chiara Moreschi will give participants ideas on how to invent and construct ingenious utensils to use with typical Italian food; the photographic eye of Max Rommel will focus on micro-worlds in tins constructed by the public to represent a personal idea of food; the experience of Cristiano Meneghin, an artisan of Italian street food in London, will talk about how the consumption of food is as much a domestic experience as a street experience. Lastly, Riccardo Blumer, architect and designer, will talk about how close technique is to everyday life, taking apart an object related to cooking.

To conclude, a series of cooking shows will be a mouth-watering experience to open the doors of the Smeg world to a public who, in growing numbers, show they share the corporate philosophy through their purchase choices.