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Last November, the first Smeg showroom in Warsaw opened. The event was a real success and highlighted Smeg’s international policy of development.  

SMEG500The new showroom is located in Mokotów district, full of parks, green areas and is situated in the heart of Warsaw’s business community, which houses international companies and embassies alike.
The showroom is approximately 120 sq mt and displays all latest Smeg products, including Victoria, Linea, Classic, Cortina, the Coloniale range and the original products of the 50s Retro Style.
What’s more, there is an eye-catching Smeg500, emphasizing the Italian origin of the brand and giving the space a real unique sense of character, at the same time, Smeg showroom is a space for multitasking, and is designed for both individual and business clients.

There is also a working kitchen for cooking demonstrations to be performed by Łukasz Kawaller as well as weekly retail training programmes and pre and post sales courses.