Decorative wall hood 75 cm 50's Style Aesthetic

Attention to details

Inspired by the glamorous shine and smooth forms of the iconic 50’s, hoods of this series will be stylish and bright decoration of any kitchen. Available in expressive colors, they combine all the domestic appliances in the kitchen in a harmonious ensemble. They are made in the same style as the generally recognized design icons - FAB refrigerators and small domestic appliances.
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Functional design

The hoods feature a high performance 280W motor, an automatic switch off, filter cleaning/replacement indicator, 150mm vent outlet, and 324W nominal power. They can also be ducted internally or externally while conveniently retracting when not in operation.
Intensitive function
The intensive function allows to operate the hood at maximum power, to speed up the elimination of the most persistent odors and to have a purified environment.
Charcoal filters
Fundamental components of the filter hood, the activated carbon filters guarantee the absorption of fats and vapors and a perfect elimination of odors.


Product family: Hood
Hood Type: Decorative wall hood
Hood width: 75 cm
Extraction: Recirculation
Electronic control: Yes
EAN code: 8017709224882


Colour: Red
Finishing: Glossy
Aesthetic: 50's Style
Design: Angled
Material: Painted material
Type of steel: Brushed

Programme / Functions

Intensive/turbo setting: when extra fast extraction is required. Switch off automatically: A special setting, to run after the end of cooking for a pre-set time and then switch off automatically.
No. of speeds: 3
Intensive speed: Yes
Time-setting options: Automatic switch-off


Control setting: Electronic buttons
Led color: White

Technical Features

Filters: Model has filters to help remove grease from the steam emanating from the pans during cooking. Charcoal filters: Extracting through charcoal filters or directly to the exterior lessens strong cooking odours considerably. Lights: All cooker hoods feature lights to illuminate the cooking area or add to the ambience of the kitchen. Warning light(s): to advise when filters need changing.
No. of lights: 2
Light type: LED
Light Power: 1 W
Light color temperature scale (°K): 4000 °K
Free outlet maximum capacity: 820 m³/h
Motor power: 280 W
No. of filters: 3
Anti-grease filters: Stainless steel
Charcoal filters included: Yes
Filter replacement indicator: Yes
Minimum distance from GAS hob: 650 mm
Minimum distance from ELECTRIC hob: 650 mm
Vent outlet: 150 mm
Non return valve: Yes

Performance / Energy Label

A+: Energy efficiency class A+ helps to save up to 10% energy compared to class A. Maximum performance with minimum consumption is guaranteed.
Energy efficicency class ( EEC): A+
Fluid Dynamic Efficiency class (FDEC): A
Grease Filtering Efficiency Class (GFEC): E
Lighting Efficiency Class (LEC): A
Annual Efficiency Consumption (AEChood): 36 kWh/a
Fluid Dynamic Efficiency (FDE): 36.6
Lighting Efficiency (LE): 68.2 lux/W
Grease Filtering Efficiency (GFE): 61.1 %
Air flow at minumum speed (Qmin): 333 m³/h
Air flow at maximum speed (Qmax): 649 m³/h
Air flow at boost speed (Qboost): 797 m³/h
Airbourne acouistical A-weighted sound Power Emission at minimum speed (SPEmin): 50 dB(A)
Airborne acoustical A-weighted sound Power Emission at maximum speed (SPEmax): 67 dB(A)
Airbourne acoustical A-weighted sound power emission at boost speed (SPEboost): 72 dB(A)
Power consumption in stand-by mode (Ps): 0.49 W
Time increase factor (F): 0.7
Energy Efficiency Index: 39.7
Measured air flow rate at best efficiency point (Qbep): 421 m³/h
Measured air pressure at best efficiency point (Pbep): 422 Pa
Measured electric power input at best efficiency point (Wbep): 135 W
Nominal Power consumption of the light system (WL): 2 W
Average illumination of the light on the cooking surface (Emiddle): 150 lux
Sound power level at highest setting (Lwa): 67 dB(A)

Electrical Connection

Electrical connection rating: 282 W
Current: 1 A
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz): 50-60 Hz
Power supply cable length: 1500 mm

Speed 1

Extraction rate IEC 61591: 333 m³/h
Noise level IEC 60704-2-13: 50 dB(A)
Power: 198 W

Speed 2

Extraction rate IEC 61591: 477 m³/h
Noise level IEC 60704-2-13: 59 dB(A)
Power: 246 W

Speed 3

Extraction rate IEC 61591: 649 m³/h
Noise level IEC 60704-2-13: 67 dB(A)
Power: 286 W

Intensive speed

Extraction rate (IEC 61591): 797 m³/h
Noise level IEC 60704-2-13: 72 dB(A)
Power: 294 W

Logistic Information

Dimensions of the product (mm): 644x750x616
Width: 750 mm
Depth (mm): 616 mm
Product Height (mm): 644 mm
Net weight (kg): 26.000 kg
Gross weight (kg): 32.400 kg
Packed width: 830 mm
Packaged depth: 660 mm
Height (mm) packed: 715 mm
Dimensions of the packed product (mm): 715X830X660
Type of packaging: Cardboard
Packaging composition - paper & cardboard (kg): 3.364 kg
Packaging composition - polystyrene (kg): 1.538 kg
Packaging composition - wood (kg): 0.000 kg
Packaging composition - plastic (kg): 0.086 kg

Accessories Included

Motorised opening: Yes
Remote control: Yes

Energy Label

Product information sheet

Product sheet


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