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Design interprets the canons of architecture in the Piano Design cooktop: an object of undeniable beauty, destined to last. Art and technique come together in a creation with universal expressive value, in which form becomes the perfect manifestation of content.


That of single-materiality represents a fundamental choice for both the aesthetics and functionality of the cooktop. The continuous stainless steel surface reflects a soft light that enhances the essential lines of the cooktop, interspersed with geometric burners that create large, stable cooking zones for all types of cookware.


The Piano Design range consists of three models, which provide maximum versatility by meeting a wide range of needs. Available in 60-, 72- and 101-cm versions, the cooktops offer from four to six burners equipped with safety valves. 

It is possible to combine the cooktop with practical accessories such as a stainless steel Teppanyaki cooking plate and an extra set of grills and caps.


Standard installation: Traditional installation in tabletop, suitable for any kitchen sets
Product Family: Hob
Dimensions: 100 cm
Type: Gas
Built-in type: Traditional
Power supply: Gas
EAN code: 8017709179175


Knobs control Ever Shine: is an invisible coating that makes the effected area highly resistant to heat.
Colour: Stainless steel
Finishing: Glossy
Aesthetic: Piano Design
Type of steel: Polished
Material: Stainless Steel
Controls colour: Steel effect
Type of control setting: Control knobs
Control knob position: Front
No. of controls: 6
Pan stands: Stainless steel
Pan Stand Coating: EverShine
Burner Coating: EverShine

Programme / Functions

Total no. of cook zones: 6
No. of gas cook zones: 6


Worktop Cut-Out: 480-484x839-844 mm

Cooking zones

Ultra rapid burners: Powerful ultra rapid burners offer up to 5kw of power. Ultra rapid burners: Powerful ultra rapid burners offer up to 5kw of power.
1st zone position: Left
2nd zone position: Rear-left
3rd zone position: Front-left
4th zone position: Front-right
5th zone position: Rear-right
6th zone position: Right
1st zone type: Gas - UR
2nd zone type: Gas - Semi Rapid
3rd zone type: Gas - AUX
4th zone tipe: Gas - Rapid
5th zone type: Gas - AUX
6th zone type: Gas - UR
1st zone power: 3.60 kW
2nd zone power: 1.70 kW
3rd zone power: 0.90 kW
4th zone power: 2.40 kW
5th zone power: 0.90 kW
5th zone power: 3.60 kW

Technical Features

Gas Type: G20 Natural gas
Gas safety valves: Yes
Automatic Ignition: Yes

Electrical Connection

Gas connection rating (W): 13300 W
Electrical connection rating (W): 1 W
Voltage (V): 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz): 50/60 Hz
Type of electric cable installed: Yes, Single phase
Power supply cable length: 120 cm

Logistic Information

Dimensions of the product (mm): 59x1005x510
Depth: 510 mm
Width: 1005 mm
Product Height: 59 mm
Net weight (kg): 18.000 kg
Gross weight (kg): 20.800 kg
Packed width: 1070 mm
Packaged depth: 595 mm
Height (mm) packed: 145 mm
Dimensions of the packed product (mm): 145X1070X595
Type of packaging: Cardboard
Packaging composition - paper & cardboard (kg): 1.591 kg
Packaging composition - polystyrene (kg): 0.546 kg
Packaging composition - wood (kg): 0.000 kg
Packaging composition - plastic (kg): 0.025 kg

Accessories Included

Other gas nozzles included: G30 GPL Liquid gas
Other gas connections provided: Conical

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Product sheet


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