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SmegConnect is Smeg’s smart App to connect with your household appliances and control them via your smartphone or tablet, whenever and wherever you are.

These tools are nowadays indispensable both for work and free time. When technology meets our wishes, even everyday's household activities are made simpler with more free time for our leisure and a best service from the appliance. 

Through the APP you can select, customise and programme all the functions of your products, anywhere, so that your time can be freely managed and you know you can have everything under control.

Thanks to the support of the Personal Assistant, Direct Assistance and Food&Wine section, the APP simplifies household activities with a touch of quality and entertainment.

Your Personal Assistant replies to all your requests while surfing the APP and using the appliance, to find its potentiality very easily. The Direct Assistance section offers useful suggestions to the FAQs and access to report faults or enquires direct to your customer services team, through a single click. This App has cosmopolitan features but a Made in Italy soul and it focuses on Food & wine, the section dedicated to contents of food world, customisable according to your passion, to match recipes and your favourite wines thanks to the suggestions of sommeliers and famous chefs.

An App looking deep into the world of Social media thanks to the possibility of connecting through Facebook, to share, for example, your special recipe or your wine list with your friends, or through WhatsApp and/or email, sharing your shopping list through the icon in the recipe sections, which contains all the ingredients required to cook your meal.

Support and advice for many common problems and questions can be found at the online frequently asked questions

Wines stored with the utmost care

The new Smeg wine cellars use the latest technology to correctly store and age wine. The materials used have been carefully selected, in cooperation with expert sommeliers, who have helped create a range of excellent technical and high-quality products. Smeg wine cellars are entirely made in Italy, as the result of the know-how and attention to details that only an Italian company with a long and consolidated experience can guarantee.

Thanks to SmegConnect App you can take care of your own wines and sharing your own collection.

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Cooking becomes smart

With SmegConnect ovens cooking becomes simpler and results perfect!

The suggested recipes by Smeg complete with parameters and cooking programs allow to launch the oven program without thinking about temperature, time and functions.

In addition to the recipes proposed by Smeg, it is possible to create your own personalized recipe book, saving your favorite dishes complete with ingredients, preparation steps and cooking parameters so that the oven is already pre-set for cooking.

SmegConnect ovens will be available soon.

Everything under control wherever you are

Set up, start and monitor the dishwasher remotely is now possible thanks to the SmegConnect App.

The remote control allows to choose and start the washing program at any time, push notifications keep you informed of the progress of the function and the options chosen and the personal assistant helps you to discover the capabilities of the new connected dishwashers.

SmegConnect dishwasher will be available soon.

  • The SmegConnect App is available for iOS and Android devices: 

         Apple Store - SmegConnect       Google Play - SmegConnect

Search for it in the stores by entering SmegConnect and install it on your smartphone or tablet.
After the installation, open the APP and follow the prompted access procedure. 

For ay doubts about how to connect your appliace with the SmegConnect App please dowload the user guide 

Before registration of the product, check the following:

  • Your Smeg appliance has connectivity features (that is it should be a SmegConnect product)
  • Your appliance is correctly connected to the power supply socket 
  • The area where the appliance is to be installed in has an operating WLAN (wireless)network with a dedicated router.
  • The router of your home is switched on with the Wi-Fi function (2.4 GHz band) activated and connected to the Internet.
  • Wi-Fi network name and password are within easy reach 
  • The mobile device smartphone or tablet is fitted with iOS version 10.x or higher or Android version 5.3 or higher

Support and advice for many common problems and questions can be found at the online frequently asked questions

Smeg implements the best solutions to guarantee data safety all life long of any connected appliance, thanks to a careful design and continuous updating.
All Smeg products follow the standards for Wi-Fi systems, such as WPA2 and WPS, used by home routers as well to establish encrypted communication channels.
The communications among all components of SmegConnect system - Products, APP and Cloud - are protected according to the state-of-the art versions of the TLS protocol, the most evolved safety standard for Internet communication.