Retro Refrigeration

One-Door FABs

Compact and cute, the perfect way to add a dash of color and vivacious, lively design to any environment

Evoking the curves and colors of "Mid-Century Modern" styling, with the sleek lines that typified the forward-looking excitement of the "Jet Age," the FAB line launched with the iconic FAB28 single-door refrigerator, with its little brother, the FAB5 minibar, joining it in North America a few years later, adding posh looks and a splash of color to every room they inhabit.

Sized just right for a dorm, a den, or even a hotel room, the FAB5 minibar brings a splash of color to the room.  For both home and office use, and in five different colors plus a special edition model to match any decor: black, cream, orange, pastel green, and red, plus a flag pattern.  With its 1.34-cubic-foot capacity, this retro minibar will keep your drinks and snacks fresh and cool all-year-long.  Featuring a specially designed cooling system with and extremely-low operational noise level, and upgraded with automatic defrost, and, specially for hotel rooms, a "Smart System" that alternates between "on" and "off" phases based on the presence of guests in the room.  The FAB5 is ready to become your own, personal treasure chest.

Perfectly expressing elements of contemporary and classic design, while boasting masterful functionality and low energy consumption, the redesigned and improved one-door FAB28s turn heads with their glamor, and their smooth forms.  The interior features new, rounded shapes with chrome finishes and greatly-enhanced storage space, borne from suggestions and comments from 20 years of customer experiences and comments.  The interior freezer compartment has been enlarged, and now boasts automatic defrost.  Energy consumption, already low, has been further-reduced.  New technological enhancements include the “Life Plus” area for longer-term preservation of perishable food, a MultiFlow Cooling System to evenly cool the interior compartment, and two long LED light strips for superior illumination.  While almost-identical from the outside, this enhanced version has an increased capacity of 9.92 cubic feet through its increased dimensions in height, and in depth.  And all of this was achieved without sacrificing any of the FAB28s iconic looks.  Available in a rainbow of a dozen colors, plus three special flag patters, and a few extra-special editions, there's a FAB28 for every home and every room.

The protagonist of any environment they're put into, with options galore, there's a compact retro-style FAB that's perfect for everyone.

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