Retro Refrigeration

Two-Door FABs

Surprisingly-spacious, capable of holding food for the whole family, without losing any '50s-style character

All of the good looks and Alive-with-a-capital-"A" energy of the classic single-door FABs, but with more space, and more presence, the larger and taller two-door FAB32 and FAB38 retro-style refrigerators are just what the modern kitchen needs.

Joining its smaller, single-door cousins in 2016, the FAB32 is what SMEG fans had been waiting and asking for for a while: a ‘50s Style bottom freezer two-door refrigerator.  Since the launch of SMEG’s Retro ‘50s Style collection, the appliances have quickly become a customer favorite with their vintage charm, bright colors, and modern features, and the FAB32 is a worthy addition to that lineage.  Available in eight eye-catching colors, and boasting many high-tech features, including two adjustable thermostats, and all of the same upgrades that the other FABs received, the refrigerator portion, at 8.2 cubic feet, has three adjustable glass shelves, interior LED lights, and the new "Life+ Zone" with temperature control.  The bottom-mount freezer portion, at 3.5 cubic feet, is frost-free, and contains three drawers to help organize your frozen goods.  Tall and slender, the FAB32 packs a carrying capacity punch, but can be slotted into surprisingly-compact spaces, making it the FAB line's true jack-of-all-trades.

The newest member of the FAB refrigerator family, the arrival of the ‘50s-inspired FAB38 means that SMEG is expanding its current lineup in order to launch the roomiest version of the fabulous FAB available to-date.  Including both a large top refrigerator compartment, and a bottom-mount freezer, the 18-cubic-foot, EnergyStar®-qualified FAB38 is over 3 inches wider, deeper, and taller than the FAB32 model, standing at over 27 inches wide, 33 inches deep, and 80 inches tall.  The new model is ideal for the user looking for extra storage space, and features a Multiflow cooling system with electronic temperature controls, four shelves, innovative “no-frost” technology that prevents icy build-up in the freezer compartment, and much more.  Available in black, cream and white in both left and right-hinge models, and pastel blue, pastel green, and red only in right-hinge, the FAB38's addition means that the FAB fans who just had too much capacity need to buy their favorite fridge finally have an option that's perfect for them.

With an ever-expanding line, the FAB38 is just the latest and greatest addition to the ever-popular FAB family, and, along with the FAB32, is perfect for the style-conscious consumer that needs a bit more "fridge" in their "refrigerator."

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