Cooking with SMEG

The Power of Portofino

No compromises in function, or in design

Portofino ranges feature some of the newest cooking technology SMEG's engineers and designers have come up with, along with all of the innovations that have typified SMEG ranges for years.

All Portofino range models combines the best cooking technology with the unmistakeable style of Italian design.  Professional perfomance meets energy savings, with highly-efficient electrical and fan systems combined with expertly-heat-retaining, and surprisingly-large, oven cavities adding up to the most energy-effecient range ever made.  Air-cooled soft-close triple-glazed doors, and full-width continuous grates make cooking and cleaning a breeze.

A plethora of cooking modes, including a Pizza Function, with a wide array of shelf positions, offer users maximum cooking versatility within the oven.  Triple European convection fans in larger models make certain that heat is always evenly-distributed within the cavity, for the best cooking results possible.  High-power burners on top provide just as much cooking power on the cooktop, as well, with a 20,000 BTU super burner on every model, surrounded by cleverly-positioned smaller burners for every possible cooking need.  It's a snap to cook complex, multi-ingredient dishes all at-once with every model of Portofino, including the smaller 30-inch models, and the larger 48-inch models that come with an included teppanyaki grill plate.

Portofino ranges are just the latest example of SMEG's range and cooktop technology, with the entire line representative of the company's dedication to making chef-friendly products capable of making any dish their users can dream of.

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