Cooking with SMEG

Steam Cooking

An age-old, healthy cooking method that preserves and enhances the real essence of food

Steam cooking requires less time, and thanks to the delicate effect it produces, it cooks in a different way, locking-in food's nutritional and sensual properties.  This means that delicious, wholesome, prime ingredients retain all of their original aroma, color, and texture.  What's more, cooking in a humid environment doesn’t dry dishes out; indeed, it ensures all of the aromatic properties are sealed inside, so that foods retain their full flavor and true essence. 

Why Choose Steam?

  • It keeps food soft, and avoids excessive moisture loss
  • It locks in more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • It gives excellent cooking results, producing food that is juicy inside, and crispy and golden on the outside, unlike any other traditional cooking method
  • It reduces cooking times
  • It allows the cooking of food directly from a frozen state, without the need to defrost
  • It allows simultaneous cooking of multiple foods without odor transfer
  • The combi version combines the advantages of a steam oven with a conventional oven

A Dedicated Function for Every Recipe

SMEG brings the technology of steam cooking from professional kitchens directly into your own home kitchen.  Steam cooking is available in various types of ovens, offered in different styles and sizes.

Smart Steam

SMEG ovens combine steam and traditional cooking modes.  Steam is injected directly into the chamber, and distributed uniformly by the fan function, ensuring excellent cooking results for meat and fish, as well as for bread-making.

Fast, energy-effecient, and healthy, steam cooking is the perfect way to rethink the way that you eat.

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