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Wines Stored with the Utmost Care

Optimal temperature, ideal humidity levels, and attention-to-detail are key traits of SMEG wine coolers, the best option for domestic wine storage for the true sommelier

Italian Wineries

Italy is the country with the largest, and most-diversified wine production in the world.  Its climate, the varieties of grapes, its geological characteristics, and the lay of the land make the "Bel Paese" - which the Ancient Greeks called "Enotria," "land of wine," the ideal place to produce excellent wines.  Wine and food culture reflect Italy’s soul, through different landscapes, customs, traditions, and know-how.  The numerous labels and their different sensual qualities require optimal preservation, in order to maintain their characteristics, and ensure that their taste is unchanged over time.

The charm of the world of wine, and the importance of its preservation, have inspired SMEG to develop a new range of wine coolers, true technological design masterpieces.

SMEG wine coolers use the latest technology to correctly store and age wine.  Wine tasting is a sensory experience.  Whether it’s white, red, rosé, or still or sparkling, wine always requires several ideal conditions to preserve its characteristics.  The taste of a wine and its quality can be defined by several chemical measurements, and also by purely personal ones.  SMEG has developed effective solutions to preserve all of them.

The ideal range to correctly preserve and age different wines is generally between 46°F and 60°F.

This important variable must be kept between 60% and 80% to prevent wine oxidation.

Light and UV rays can alter a wine's organoleptic structure (controlling how it affects your sensory organs), thus, it should be stored in a protected environment.

Protection against vibrations
Even the smallest vibrations can have a negative impact on wine, thus, it is essential that bottles are stored in a steady, stable way.

A special, totally-unique product, completely paneled in natural Oak, compliments  the wine cooler.  The special built-in sommelier drawer houses a full sommelier tasting kit: one steel and wood corkscrew, one steel vacuum wine saver with two silicone corks, one Spumante wine cork, a cork to pour wine, one drip-catcher, one sparkling wine steel and wood cork, a pair of Spumante pincers, one thermometer with housing, one red wine cork, and one steel and wood funnel.

Available in both over-and-undercounter options, and part of an ever-expanding line of wine-oriented products, SMEG wine products bring true Italian wine culture directly into your kitchen.

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