Fit and Finish

Linea - Modernity Personified

Sleek and seamlessly-integrated into your kitchen

Consisting of products developed by SMEG's internal design studio, and characterized by an ergonomic and balanced style, Linea-style wall ovens, speed ovens, and steam ovens stand out for their minimalist style, and space-optimized designs.  Of particular notice are the handles, touch screen controls, and the remarkable use of glass of staid "Mystic Gray" glass.  Combined with stainless steel elements, Linea truly stands out in any modern kitchen.

Featuring modern touches catering to needs of the thoughtful chef who does it all, the built-in Linea Series includes 24 and 30-inch convection wall ovens, 24 and 30-inch Convection Ovens, a 24-inch Specialty Speed and Combi-Steam Oven, and a version of the new and reimagined “Classic” Coffee System in the Linea aesthetic.  With 4-color TFT controls for optimal usability, all 24-inch oven products, as well as the 30-inch convection oven, will include a food-driven menu system that contains 50 automatic programs to guide users as they prepare everything from meats and vegetables, to baked pasta dishes.  Users can also add 10 personalized programs to cook go-to dishes in a flash.

The recently re-engineered Speed and Combi Steam Compact Ovens now have a 30% larger interior cavity space, and are coated with SMEG’s EverClean enamel interior, which creates a flawless finish to keep the surface sparkling, and easy-to-maintain.  Each oven also has bottom heating elements.


The Linea Speed Oven is a true three-in-one appliance, acting as a microwave, or a convention oven, or both at once by choosing an automatic program.  The Combi-Steam Oven is another three-in-one appliance, but, rather than utilizing the a microwave, it uses steam technology.  With a new internal steam generator and syphon system, users can easily load the correct volume of water at the beginning of the program by accessing the wand located on the inside-right frame of the oven.

A stunning and symmetrical interpretation of the latest trends in design, Linea personifies top performance and cutting-edge technology.

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