SMEG Awarded for Being One of the Most-Sustainable Italian Companies

The ITQF rewarded the 200 most-sustainable companies in Italy, including SMEG

On the occasion of World Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22 every year, the German Institute for Quality and Finance (ITQF), in collaboration with the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) in Hamburg, publishes the result of the survey “Best 200 Green Stars of Italy - the ranking of the most sustainable companies, 2021,” listing 200 of the companies that have made the most effort to improve their environmental and social impact.

With a score of 100 sustainability points, SMEG won the first position in the "Durable Consumer Goods" category.

The survey, which, according to the Institute, represents the most in-depth research on online reputation in terms of sustainability in Italy, uses a totally innovative method, called "social listening," based on more than a million online sources, from dossiers, to comments, and press releases.

This recognition affirms the attention that SMEG has always dedicated to the issues of social and environmental sustainability, and enhances the company's commitment to the well-being of the community.

The survey, published by ITQF, represents an opportunity for the company to shed light on a list of activities and initiatives that show SMEG's constant progress towards its goal of sustainable development and regeneration.