Contemporary Style kitchen

Read the interview with the Italian engineer and interior designer Elisa Monico from Easy Relooking to discover how a finish becomes the focal point of the kitchen.

Finding the right inspiration for decorating the kitchen is an essential step for anyone looking for a style to characterise their home. A living space like the kitchen, the heart of the home, deserves a unique and special touch.

How to combine Neptune Grey in the kitchen?

Each of the various appliances in the Smeg range chosen in Neptune Grey colour will undoubtedly suit a modern design style.

An example of an ideal match is to combine Neptune Grey with dark variants of blue or grey, with the latter also in a light version to create a pleasing contrast. Black also proves to be an excellent choice for matching your kitchen design.

Among various color options, the ideal choice leans toward dark blue, particularly RAL 5008 or 5004, to enhance the Neptune Grey finish without requiring additional contrasts. This effect can be achieved through marble-effect countertops in medium-dark or light shades, or by incorporating wood elements sparingly, focusing on bleached or stained wood for a sophisticated touch.

What about the surrounding furniture and walls?

To enhance the appliances in the Nepture Grey range, it is important to choose a shade for the furniture and walls of your kitchen preferably in the cool colour range. 

For example, if the Smeg products installed are light grey, you can match them with a particular wall colour, such as teal green. This is an interesting choice that creates contrast between the room and the chosen kitchen accessories, enhancing the line and design.
The choice of the Neptune Grey shade therefore favours a modern style and particular attention to colour matching. 

In addition to this Smeg offers a wide range of products, from appliances with classic lines to those characterised by a more geometric and modern design, so as to meet the style requirements of its customers without neglecting its own identity.
This is one of the reasons why choosing appliances in Neptune Grey is a valid choice for enriching your kitchen with quality made in Italy appliances with a unique Smeg design, capable of being true protagonists of the home environment.

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