Linea design: elegant and warmth feel

Be inspired by the interview with Sweden based stylist duo Sofie Lawett and Caroline Richter from Lokal 54 to find the best combinations with the latest Linea Neptune Grey.

Discover how to create a complete kitchen look upon Smegs new contemporary serie: Linea Neptune Grey.

What does a complete kitchen look mean to you as Stylists?

- “To complete a look, we consider both the aesthetics and functional aspects. And incorporate elements that brings not only a visual look but also awakes your feelings.”

Can you describe yourselves as stylists?

- “From our studio we work individually or as a team to develop design visions. Our clients include advertising agencies, magazines and brands.  We always focus on creating beautiful and inviting spaces that are both functional and aesthetic, always with sustainability and simplicity in mind.  We find inspiration within people, places, fashion, architecture.”

How do you interpret Smegs design of Linea and the color Neptune Grey?

- “Linea Design is confident contemporary. We wanted to capture Lineas key visuals of a sleek and modern look yet balance it with a warmth and inviting feel.”

How did you do this?

- The warmth is brought out by bringing old and new materials together and through combining genuine materials such as metal, marble and wood.  Then a base of grey tones and a touch of blue to flirt with the Neptune Grey color and to bring out a calm atmosphere. For contrast, we worked with elements of black.

As stylists, what good advice do you have about how to think in order to achieve a perfect kitchen look and feel?

- Try to incorporate element such as warm woods, soft textures and good lighting. We often use a mix of vintage and modern pieces to give the space character and personality. This will create a space that both feels warm, modern and inviting. Also look at how the different elements complement each other or make a relevant contrast. Each element is important for the complete look.

Read more about Lokal 54 on Instagram and website Lokal for more insights.