Blast chillers

Smeg’s state-of-the-art professional blast chiller is great for saving time when batch cooking and minimising food waste by preserving fresh ingredients. 

Vitality System

A trio of appliances including Smeg's built-in combi-steam oven, blast chiller and vacuum drawer, the vitality system is worth considering if you're serious about delivering professional standard cooking results at home.



Blast chilling lowers the temperature of cooked food to +3C in just 90 minutes allowing you to store food for longer and serve it at a later date, tasting as fresh as if it had just been cooked. Traditionally once hot food cools, steam is released, evaporating and dispersing the nutrients. Food is then depleted of vitamins, proteins, minerals and flavour.

Rapid freezing

Rapid freezing is a very fast process that lowers the core temperature of food to -18C. Unlike freezing, rapid freezing produces microscopic crystals that do not damage food fibres, allowing taste, look and the smell of ingredients to remain unaltered. 

Personalised conservation

At the end of each cooling cycle, the blast chiller reverts to temperature conservation mode, maintaining stored food to correct temperatures. This function can be used to keep desserts and ice cream at an optimal temperature ready to serve, enhancing taste and consistancy.

Controlled defrosting

This programme allows food to be defrosted quickly and evenly without partial cooking which can otherwise compromise quality. The process keeps ingredients hydrated, prevents oxidisation and changes in colour and consistancy. 

Natural proving

This function creates perfect proving conditions by keeping dough at the correct temperature without sudden changes in humidity levels. The proving cycle has up to 3 steps to allow you to obtain extremely light and digestable doughs using minimum yeast.

Drink cooling

This function allows you to quickly chill bottles (1˚ per minute) in order to enjoy wine and other drinks at the optimal temperature, within just a few minutes. The shelf inside the blast chiller is double sided with a straight side for foods and a undulated side specially designed for inserting bottles (up to 9 standard bottles or 4 magnums).

Slow, low temperature cooking

This function allows dishes to be cooked at a conistent low temperature (up to 75˚C), far lower than traditional cooking temperatures available, resulting in tender, juicy meats with enhanced flavours and preserved aroma and consistency.

Ready to eat

Smeg blast chillers are extremely versatile going from freezing to warming. By selecting this function, the blast chiller will keep pre-cooked dishes at fridge temperature all day and then heats up at a preset time, so your hot food is ready for when you arrive home.


The Smeg Vitality System cookbook contains a useful recipe for you to test out each function. Try them out and you will soon discover the freshness and quality of  preserved food, creating delicious professional tasting dishes with amazing flavours. 

Download the cookbook