Fridges & Fridge Freezers

There's something for everyone thanks to the vast Smeg fridge range, whether you're looking for a statement fridge, or large capacity integrated fridge freezer.

50s Style fridges

An undeniable design icon, the humble Smeg fridge is available in a kaleidoscope of bright, bold and pastel colours which effortlessly combine great looks with high-performance technology.

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Built-in fridges & freezers

Under counter or in-column, Smeg's built-in refrigeration range is perfect for seamless integration into kitchen furniture behind cupboard doors.

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Freestanding fridges & freezers

Looking for a fridge with wow factor, or a fridge freezer with large storage capacity? Select a 50s style or American side-by-side model to suit.

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The SMEG500 is more than just a fridge hidden inside an original FIAT500 bonnet, it's unique style is its undeniable talking point over and over again. Designed for games rooms, creative spaces or fashionable lounge bars, the vintage FIAT is perfect for serving drinks in true style.

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Active ION fridges

Smeg's Active Ion system neutralises bacteria and other impurities responsible for unpleasant food odour keeping your fridge in top condition.

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Frost free

Models with a no frost or frost free refrigeration system prevent ice from forming within the freezer so you won't have to spend time manually defrosting as the refrigerator does it for you!