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Washing machines

Choose from a range of freestanding and built-in washing machines with choice of finishes, programmes and capacities, all with excellent washing results.

Inverter motor

A 10 year warranty on inverter motor washing machines endorses Smeg’s commitment to high quality appliances. Inverter motor appliances are more efficient, durable and quiet within the home.

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Woolmark care

Smeg washing machines with a Woolmark programme care for your most delicate garments, such as cashmere and wool. This programme keeps colours bright and fabrics pristine for longer.

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Aquacare drum

The heart shaped drum provides complete care and excellent performance for your laundry. With fewer and smaller holes than an average drum, more water is held inside the drum during the wash cycle. The clothes are cushioned by this protective layer of water and the result is reduced wear and tear of fabrics.


If, like many, room to accomodate laundy appliances is tight in your home, why not consider stacking your tumble dryer above your washing machine? All you need is stacking kit as pictured here, which when installed, both looks great and offers a real space saving.